Welcome everyone! This is a site on the Dragonball Series. There is information about all the three seasons ranging from Dragonball to Dragonball GT. A new season called Dragonball AF is rumoured to come out but it is now believed to be fan work. We have information on that too. All Dragonball fans must be knowing all this but in case you got here accidentally and don’t know what Dragonball is about then then know this. The Dragonball Series is a manga(later transformed into animation) created by Akira Toriyama in Japan. He created other hit mangas too and we have his complete biography here. Please enjoy your visit and feel free to leave feedback

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  1. This is a kind of site i need. All the stuff. Anyway any idea when DBAF is cuming out?

    Editor’s Comment


  2. ya thanx Ralf for your positive comment , Rahul here dragonyash’s contributer here i can post my posts and yes don’t forget to visit gogetsu’s NFS site!! and we will release the launching date of DBAF as soon as we can

    – —–contributer for dragonyash (gogetsurahul)

  3. Yes, Rahul is contributor to my site! I f u want to become a contributor then please send me a request letter.

  4. cool its incredible i am from chile and this is cool here thats all bye 🙂

  5. Sorry guys! That was Arnav abusing using other names i traced his Internet Protocol address(IP)

  6. there is no dbaf i checked a site and it was a joke tho they are making a manga comic called dbaf what is all af but in comic

    Editor’s Comment
    Ya maybe i have mentioned that in my post if you didnt read it

  7. HELLO MR . jack r u stuupid!!!???????????????????? dargon ball AF will really come out it was officialy announced in the CARTOON INDUSTRY!!!!!!!! huh…………..without knowing anything ur just saying huh…………a comic :-hahahahahahaha

  8. hey gogetsurahul, u dont even know the spelling of Dragonball Z. I shall cum to ur house today at 3:30 to giv u spelling lessons

  9. Many people get confused on what my name is. Josh or Yash. My name is Josh. Yash is alias. 🙂 So do get confused that y have i put my site’s name as dragonyash

  10. Good site

  11. hey josh can i call u yash.
    i liked this site
    its perfect

    Editor’s Comment


  12. hey Dragonyashjosh I WANT ALL MY DRAGS TO BE DONE! so PLEASE COME TO MY HSE!

  13. fine but when shall i cum?(Time)

  14. This site is good

  15. Hey Josh I was just wondering if the boy singing was
    Gohan just curious cause in japanese all of the charcters voices sound different! thank u 🙂

  16. i doubt Jake. Gohan doesnt have a good voice(not abusing gohan). Atleast i dont think so. Maybe if the japanese guys have done it then i dont know

  17. how come dragon ball z doesnt come on tv in the u.k anymore and if DBAF is coming out will it be out in the u.k and when

  18. HAHAHAHAHAA but the dragon ball z has started in india, and the dragonball AF would also be soon just search cartoonnetworkindiad.com its announced!

    Editor’s Comment
    Cumon gogetsu its me josh and u ant fool me


  19. mr. rahul goel. even i am an indian.

  20. sorry maybe no

  21. music: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~$$$$~~~

    Editor’s comment
    What a comment!


  22. not me

  23. this is a stupid site made by a stupid guy called josh

    Editor’s Comment
    Think your way and you can also post this comment in the ‘Comments to make this site better’. You shall be welcome


  24. Site moderators are gogetsupokemon, mike92, soscoco, and me

  25. remove me as a worker for your site please

    Editor’s Comment
    Your wish mike. Club Penguin anyway is quite boring.


  26. hmmm…. ya hey mike i think you should make yr blog on an interesting thing coz ur blog stats aren’t that good like josh’s

    Editor’s Comment
    Hey thanx gogetsu


  27. i am hiring!!!! PLease go to the hiring page nad signup for the jobs…………..

  28. ure a good guy

  29. hi yash i am shohit your fien of school you have made a great site this is supperb

    thanks for letting me to come on this site



    Editor’s Comment


  30. huh….. what a site. I dont know what IS here

  31. http://blog.livedoor.jp/toyble/
    That has the Dragonball AF manga on it, but it doesnt seem to Have it in english, allthough you can download it in english from http://www.narutofan.com but you have to pay. If someone can find out where you can download it for free please tell me.
    Editor’s Comment
    Sorry we dont know. Free products like this are difficult to find. But you can download the first chapter of the manga from out site

  32. I am rahul AND RETURN MY BLOG!!!

  33. http://www.narutofan.com/plus/manga/series/dragonballaf.html
    It’s TRUE dbaf manga exists.
    This is a link where people can download the dbaf manga(but it’s only if you are a member). Anyway if anyone has it please upload and send the link. Thx
    Nice site
    Editor’s Comment
    First of all thanks for saying this site is nice. We have got the first chapter of the DBAF Manga!


  34. narutofan manga thing. how did you get it. did you pay money??

    Editor’s Comment
    No, we did not pay money. We don’t pay money on this stuff.


  35. theres is a guy called christian here. Well i have blocked your I.P adress from commenting on this site.

  36. yall crazy to bad gogeta ssj4 can beat anyone in naruto anything go a problem

  37. give it a rest

  38. lol

  39. yeah naruto vs goku indeed poll idea….

  40. hello dud. still krazy huh? anyway which html editor dyoo use? the site isn’t dynamic so definietly not php coding. u gotta database? huh. make the site wider old freak!

    Editor’s Comment
    I tried but the frame does not fit with the CSS i wrote anyway. And i don’t want to write an htm file an upload it here: I use webmaster tools


  41. man ur cheap! using gadgets to improve the sites appeal!!! sick! and dont go spreading this bullshit to all your gay pals. i’m doing this stupid commenting coz i’m unemp. otherwise , hu cares?

  42. man this site is bad. it is damn unorganized the sight of it makes my want to vomit. i just thought i’d share this thought with others

  43. yo was up i added you to my blog roll seing as we have them same interest i request if you can also add me the benefit of this is that we can both gain some web traffic thnks m8 add me at dbzz.wordpress.com

  44. HI JOSH…..
    UR In school when im typing this, so i could have just walked over and talked to you….

    HOWZ LIFE????

  45. vai lançar dbaf ou nao?

  46. when dbaf will release . plz email me about this .

  47. oh im back after 2 years of no work

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