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Some pics are here. Videos wiil come in later


A Budokai Tenkachi(ps2) move. Cool isnt it?


this is taiketsu(ps2 again) many years ago i had played this game.but i hav this pic. goku vs Raditz.

This picture i captured while watching DBGT. Goku fights with the dragons. I have watched them all.

A cute little toy pic. All the kids will be after that


This is the creator of dragonball, Akira Toriyama


The full image of the site header


Gogeta launching the Dragon fist Attack in Dragonball Z Buu’s Fury

I cound’t get all my pics up here so i brought my other pics in this slide. I still have lots of pics to put up and they will come soon!!

This video has one of my favourite songs playing. Linking Park In the End! Matches with Vegeta!

What song?… I dont know but see the fight all right!Goku vs Brolly. Mind Blowing battle by god!

A DBZ Linkin Park- Forgotten video

A DBZ Mettalica video.

This is the worst DBZ video

Cool one for Gohan and gogetsu

This is a battle between Vegito and Buu in the last saga of DBZ. Watch out for the Big Bang attack

Goku vs Vegeta battle

This is a DBGT music video


This has Dragonball GT theme song playing on the scenes from Dragonball Z.

The Dragonball GT theme song

This is a LP somewhere i belong mixed with Goku and Gohan’s battle.

Another LP- somewhere I Belong. Watch out for Chibi Goku and Vegeta Jr. for this song covers the whole DB universe.

Goku vs Superman: The ultimate battle

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  1. wow that movie was the best because you would never expect
    Broly to be beat by Goku in super saiyan state mode…it is
    just the most unexpected thing you would ever expect!!!!!!!
    WOW!!!I have to get all 3 broly movies and watch them!!!!!

  2. Okay i watched them both…4 times they were good,and nice songs to go woth them to.Especialy the Vegeta one,i like it because it was about Vegetas jealousy of Goku because Goku has surpassed him in everything!WOW πŸ™‚ it is like,better then the movies!!Congrats on making them I cant wait till u make onother one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanx Jake πŸ™‚

  4. Wow I absolutly loved the “Metalica DBZ” because it and I followed
    the story line all the way to the end of the series to buu!:):):):):)!!0h,and thumbs up by the way on the other video “Forgoton” even though i’ve already seen it this had better graphics thnx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    Editor’s Comment


  5. Josh,do you think you could try to get the dragon fights
    so i can watch them plz? if u could that would be great cuz im gonna be 14 on the 10th so id like to watch them ty! πŸ™‚

  6. fine jake

  7. is the forums centre

  8. erm…. jake u dont need to put my website’s URL in the website column when you comment. thats actually for those who have there own websites too


  9. my bros got the song nearest replys and a movie to go with it hes got loads linkin park and limp bizkit there real gd he wont tell me how to do em so im trying to do it

  10. by the way the one thats commenbt says What song?… I dont know but see the fight all right!Goku vs Brolly. Mind Blowing battle by god! is done by dido im not sure what the songs called by teh way thios is what i think well it sounds like it sorry if im wrong.

    Editor’s Comment
    Yah maybe. coz this song is unkown


  11. im going to make a vidio were goku and vegeta are singing numb and it all fades when i find out how you mke vidios (i know im spelling videos wrong its shorter)

    Editor’s Comment
    You can make videos by firsttaking a couple of premade videos and then mix them up. Look up a song which matches with it and do all the mixing work with Windows Movie Maker. Then add the credits and all in the end. And upload it into YoutTube. and if possible i will post the videos on my site.


  12. did u know i have dbz games not them all but i have a lot bodukai 1 2 3 & tenkaichi 1 & 2 and super dbz thats all i can think of…

    Editor’s Comment
    Oh good! My tenkaichi 2 is not working coz i play on the cpmuter only and the emulator is damn bad. If u can please tell me about more PS 2 DBZ Games.


  13. thanx

  14. music: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~$$$$~~~
    Editor’s Comment
    Udit i dint get you……


  15. hello there ,
    gogetsupokemon here , Hey yash i really liked your mixing of LP in the end and The vegeta clip. I think The song “Somewhere I belong” by Linkin Park is pretty better than In the end cuz i am bored with it , I request U plz Mix the Goku and Somwhere I belong I guess It would be GR8 and very cool

    Editor’s Comment
    Fine gogetsupokemon but it will take time you know. And not all the vids are mine i have subscribed to people for these vids especially dbz live


  16. All u need for making vids is the Windows Movie Maker

  17. Oh man DBGT music video is also in Japanese huh………I liked its RAP but u know Y i have stop listening IT S IN JAPANESE

    Editor’s Comment
    Sure i told you finding English ones are damn difficult


  18. Hello… new pics will come soon

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