Dragon Ball GT The Story


The Story

Tens years has passed since the end of the Dragon Ball Z series. Goten, Gohan, and Trunks are grown up living out their daily lives in the big city. Gohan is married to Videl, Mr. Satan’s daughter, and have a daughter of their own, Pan. Goku is training with Uubu as Mr. Popo and Dende watches nervously as Goku and Uubu are causing tremendous damage to the tower. After stopping for a few minutes, Goku walks around the tower to notice Emperor Pilaf has grabbed the Ultimate Dragon Balls that was in an urn and has called the dragon. The Ultimate Dragon Balls, also known as the Black Star Dragon Ball, was created by Kami-sama before he was purified. Emperor Pilaf is outraged to see how big Goku has gotten and believes that he is here to stop him from making his wish again. Pilaf orders Shuu and Mai to shoot the robot missiles, which was easily caught by Goku. Pilaf, blinded by his rage insanely wishes that Goku was smaller so he would be easier to defeat. The dragon says “So be it” turning Goku into a child again. After the wish is granted, the Dragon Balls are scattered across the universe. Dende and Mr. Popo are confused as they come across a child Goku. Kaiou-sama mentions the only way to reverse the wish is to gather the Ultimate Dragon Balls, and to keep the world from blowing up.

Goku meets up with all his friends back at his house, which makes Chi Chi mad since she thinks this is a rude trick on her since Goku looks much younger then her. As the Z team fixes up the Space ship that Bulma has built, Pan is mad that she cannot go with Goku to help him out to find the balls. She kicks the ship putting a dent in it but covers it up with a cart. She flies off with Goku following closely behind her but escapes him when two thugs kidnap Goku. The two thugs tries all day to call in their ransom, but gets no luck. They are later scared off when Goku brings them a phone booth when they are looking for one. The next day, Goku and Trunks climb aboard the space ship as Goten finishes up his phone call out side the ship. Pan waits for Goku and Trunks to enter the ship so she can blast off with out getting kicked off the ship. This begins Goku and his team search for the Ultimate dragon balls. Goku and the team travel across the galaxy coming across many enemies and making friends on his search of the seven Ultimate Dragon Balls. One of the friends they make is a little robot they later name Gill. Gill ate the trio’s dragon radar for energy and Trunks told it to come with them since it will act as a large dragon radar. It helps them have an advance warning of up coming dangers and adds a comic effect to the story. The trio arrives home with all seven Ultimate Dragon Balls in their possession, happy to be home with their love ones. Goku gives Dende the Ultimate Dragon Balls so he can make the wish to save the world but Dende has a smirk on his face. Little does Goku know that the whole world is not feeling it self lately.

Baby, an enemy Goku and his friends come across in the galaxy has made his way to earth, planted eggs inside all the people on Earth to become his slave. Goku, unable to contain SSJ3 form long in his child form looses the first battle with Baby. He goes under training to learn to hold this form longer then has been able to. After his training is completed, he is teleported to the new planet Plant that Baby has created to look like the old planet Plant. Goku and Baby Vegeta fight with Goku loosing. Goku is outraged that he can not save planet Earth that he transforms into a Golden Oozaru and starts trashing the planet. Pan flies in front of Goku in his transformed state and begs for him to stop, crying his finger. Goku looks up at the Earth again and a golden yellow glow engulfs his body as lightning shoots across the sky. The cliff Goku was on crumbles underneath Goku’s feet and when the dust rests, Goku has transformed into his SSJ4 self. Goku looks like his adult for with long black hair, and an ape like body with dust red coat. Pan wishes for Goku to stop Baby Vegeta, and Goku mentions he should have the power to stop him. Goku and Baby Vegeta fight with Baby Vegeta about to loose until Bulma steps in to save her husband by transforming him into the Golden Oozaru. Baby goes crazy in this new form destroying his own city and planet. Kaiou-bit, one of Goku’s training partner, teleports to Dende’s Palace to get some water that will cure all evil in someone. He then teleports back to planet Plant to transform all of Baby’s slaves back to their normal self. SSJ4 Goku finally defeats Baby when Baby tries to escape in a space ship which Goku destroys with a Kamehame-ha blast. The whole world is turned back to normal when Kaiou-bit sprinkles the water on the Earth removing the Baby’s egg and control over them. The Planet Earth is about to blow up, leaving SSJ4 Goku and Kaiou-bit teleporting people and animals to the planet Plant. They are able to get everyone to the planet when Goku realizes there is one last person on the planet. Piccolo contacts Gohan to let him know that he is going to stay on the planet when it blows up and die so the Ultimate Dragon Balls can never be used again. As long as Piccolo is alive, anyone can use those dragon balls. Piccolo also tells Gohan how proud he is of him by how strong Gohan has got. He wishes him goodbye as the planet blows up. After Dende’s dragon balls are able to be used again, Dende wishes the Earth to be restored and all the people back to the Earth.

The next fighting tournament begins with Goku in the kids competition and Pan in the Adults. Goku is defeated when the kid accidentally bumps into him when he was talking to Goku, then tickled to where he falls out of boundaries. Pan, having more luck then Goku defeats her opponents with little problems. She then pulls herself out of the competition when an announcer asks her how she would feel taking over her father’s position. With fear of herself looking like Mr. Satan, she pulls herself out of the competition. The final round is between Uubu and Mr. Satan. Uubu is about to finish Mr. Satan off when he realizes that Mr. Satan is the Earth’s hero and if he defeats him, all the world will look down on Mr. Satan. Uubu lets Mr. Satan punch him out of the ring so Mr. Satan will win the competition and the audience applause. Mr. Satan is awarded the strongest person on the Earth once again.

Dr. Gero and another evil scientist in the home for the internal losers combine powers to create the ultimate warrior to get their revenge on Goku for defeating them. They create another #17 so the two can merge together to become Super 17. Goku goes and fights Cell and Freeza, who both think they have gotten strong enough to defeat Goku. Both are defeated by Goku with little problem. Goku comments on this mentioning how quickly this fight when. On Earth, #17 kills both Kurrinin and #18 when #18 would not join him in conquering the world like they were supposed. #18 crawls to her dead husband and holds his hand as she dies in the street with him. The two #17 merges together to become Super 17 which both Vegeta and Gohan cannot stop. Goku wishes to go back to Earth, but is not able to return for some reason. Goku finally returns to Earth, saying he was able to since the food tasted so bad down there. Goku then fights 17 until he kills Him with the Kamehame-ha blast that pierces 17’s chest. Once the fight is over, the Z team gathers the dragon balls to wish all those killed by 17 back to life. The dragon balls did not work like they usually do, as they are cracked and blue smoke pours out of the dragon balls.

Another dragon comes out of the dragon balls, and tells the people he doesn’t care about the wishes and creates 7 dragons, each with a dragon ball. Kaiou-bit mentions to everyone that the reason behind this is that each time they make a wish, evil is brought into the ball and causes the ball to crack like it did today. Kaiou-bit mentions if Bulma never did create the dragon radar, this would have never happened but Bulma says that she couldn’t do it all on her own, Goku helped her. Goku, thinking that he had a part on this, tells them that he has to do what he has to do. Goku takes off after each of the dragon to defeat them. Goku flies across the world defeating each dragon as he goes along. Vegeta, still disappointed that he is not able to turn SSJ4, has Bulma build a device that will be able to turn him into a SSJ4 just like Goku. Goku, coming a long the last dragon, Li-Shenlon who absorbed all the dragon balls to become perfect.

Goku, unable to defeat Li-Shenlon on his home sees Vegeta coming and wonders what he is doing here. Bulma fires a ray at Vegeta that transforms Vegeta into a SSJ4. Goku and Vegeta uses the Fusion technique to turn into Gogeta SSJ4 that is the ultimate fighter in the series. Gogeta can only stay in this form for twenty minutes when it turns back into both Vegita and Goku. This has been the longest anyone has been able to last against Gogeta when it is perfect. Li-Shenlon destroys Goku, Vegita, and their friends. Pan and the rest of people watching are told to leave for their own safety. Goku, back as a kid again, powers up for his Spirit Bomb attack. He asks all the characters that he had met on the search for the dragon balls to help him to defeat this dragon before it destroys the whole galaxy. Goku gets the energy needed to complete the Spirit Bomb and destroys the Evil Dragon. With that, the dragon balls return back to normal, Shenlon returns and mentions there will be no more wishes for 100 years. Goku makes a deal with the dragon to make one more wish. He wishes for everything to return like it was before the dragons destroyed the Earth in replace for his own life. The dragon grants it and tells Goku to hop onto his back. Goku wishes everyone goodbye as only Vegeta and Pan understand what Goku is about to do.

Goku flies over Tenshinhan and Chauzu, Yamcha fixing his car. He stops by in the Home for the internal losers and thanks Piccolo for everything, and wishes him goodbye with a powerful hand shack. Goku stops by Master Roshi’s island to duel with Kurrinin one last time. After Kurrinin gets one good hit in, Goku vanishes back to Shenlon and falls asleep on top of his head. All seven -dragon balls circle around Goku as they get absorbed into his body. The four star ball, believed to have his grand father’s spirit circles Goku’s head and then is absorbed into his forehead.

100 years has passed since Goku traded his life for the world’s life. Goku jr. and Vegita jr. are competing in the tournament as Pan, old and full of spirit, watches his grandson battle on. As she looks at the bottom row, Goku is sitting there watching the two fighters battle with all their heart. Pan tries to go say hello to her grandfather, but he vanishes before she could get there. As GT closes, you see Goku walking out of the arena as a young adult smiling at what he has seen.

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