Dragon Ball The Story


The Story

Pilaf Saga

Dragonball starts off as Son Goku a boy meets Bulma, Bulma hits Son Goku with her car, surprised Son Goku and his fish aren’t injured at all. Bulma then explains to Son Goku what dragonballs are, Son Goku tells Bulma he has a dragonball it also has a four star on it. Son Goku refuses to give up the dragonball so he decides to join Bulma for the dragonballs. During there journeys Son Goku and Bulma make tons of friends including, Oolong, Yamcha, Kamesama, Chi-Chi and the Ox King. Later in the series Son Goku and co. battle Pilaf during this battle Goku turns Oozaru form destroying Pilaf’s castle.


Red Ribbon Saga


Then Son Goku goes under training with Kamesama, later Krillin joins Son Goku in training. Kamesama teaches Son Goku and Krillin the dreaded Kamehameha. Later they join a battle championship where Son Goku arrives second beaten by Kamesama. Son Goku gets trained again by Karin, but this time his training was used to defeat Dr. Gero.


Piccolo Saga


The series starts of as Son Goku enters the Tenkaichi-budokai, during this tournament Son Goku meets Tien and Choazu. The final match is between Son Goku and Tien, Son Goku loses in this battle. After the battle Krillin is murdered, Son Goku starts looking for the killer. Meantime Piccolo-Diamoho is causing terror around the world. In a battle with Piccolo-Diamoho Tien is about to die, when suddenly Son Goku arrives and defeats Piccolo-Daimoho. Before Piccolo-Daimoho dies gives birth. Knowing that Piccolo-Damioho gave birth Kamesama trains Goku. At the next tournament Son Goku battles Piccolo-Damioho and defeats him, sparing his life at the end. At the end of the series Son Goku marries Chi-Chi.

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