Latest F.A.Q s

many people were asking me that “will Dragon ball AF be good?”

NOW U CAN VOTE FOR THIS , whats your guess? anything u like your opinion

to vote contact

voting lines are started from 26th of march till 26th of april

— by gogetsurahul (dragonyash’s editor) for dragonyash

VERY VERY Thanx if, u wanna contact me mail me at




  1. Thanx for ur post rahul

  2. Many more people are asking me whether Dragonball AF will even cum out.

  3. whens the new af manga comming out

    Editor’s Comment
    As far as we know there are only four volumes of the DBAF manga.


  4. So many fans are out there that there isn’t just a dragonball af now but a dragonball rn is also coming this summer. I hear that it’s already on

  5. I WANT MORE AF!!!!!

  6. MORE AF!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Doesn’t matter! k! Welcome Josh..

  8. I love af gt andz wenz u gona make more

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