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I have arrived!!!!(gogetsupokemon)

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The Owner and Staff Bios

Here are the usernames and names of all the staff members of this site

~Username: alphatrunks Name: Josh Mohanty

Job: Owner and creator of the website. Also the Admin.

Bios: Josh loves Dragonball Z a lot. He been watching it for a long time. He has played many games on Dragonball Z and loves playing on the PSP.

~Username: gogetsupokemon Name: Rahul

Job: Editor

Bios: Neighborhood friend of Josh who lives DBZ, NFS and pokemon!

~Username: soscoco Name: (Not to be revealed)Job: Contributor

Bios: Another Club Penguin guy who can be found playing almost everyday(looks like he doesnt have work). His own site is clubpenguinsos.wordpress.com

~Username: james33466 Name: James

Job: Contributor

Bios: Another Club Penguin fan. I dont know why people make blogs on CP. Club Penguin here club Penguin there. clubpenguintimes.wordpress.com is his own wesite

~Username: priyanshu1996 Name: Priyanshu

Job: Contributor

Bios: Josh’s neighborhood friend who also loves Dragonball Z. His website is www.dbworld.com

Staff Needed

Hello people! This is Josh. I need some helpers for this website. I recently hired gogetsurahul because he helped me a lot. To become a staff member you must have a wordpress.com username. Then only I can invite you and make you contributors. Also there are three promotion levels.

Promotion Levels

1. Contributor

2. Author

3. Editor

Promtions shall be given according to the performance of the staff member. All the staff members also must register in the forums page so that they can become moderators there. You must also fill out a form and send it to me at alphatrunks96_yash@yahoo.co.in. Click on the link below to download the application form