The Owner and Staff Bios

Here are the usernames and names of all the staff members of this site

~Username: alphatrunks Name: Josh Mohanty

Job: Owner and creator of the website. Also the Admin.

Bios: Josh loves Dragonball Z a lot. He been watching it for a long time. He has played many games on Dragonball Z and loves playing on the PSP.

~Username: gogetsupokemon Name: Rahul

Job: Editor

Bios: Neighborhood friend of Josh who lives DBZ, NFS and pokemon!

~Username: soscoco Name: (Not to be revealed)Job: Contributor

Bios: Another Club Penguin guy who can be found playing almost everyday(looks like he doesnt have work). His own site is

~Username: james33466 Name: James

Job: Contributor

Bios: Another Club Penguin fan. I dont know why people make blogs on CP. Club Penguin here club Penguin there. is his own wesite

~Username: priyanshu1996 Name: Priyanshu

Job: Contributor

Bios: Josh’s neighborhood friend who also loves Dragonball Z. His website is



  1. I like how you said that my name was “Not to be revealed.” But, you don’t even know my name!!! Just something I noticed…

    SOS Coco

    Editor’s Comment
    Even if i knew i wouldn’t reveal it.


  2. Also, I’m not even a Contributor on your site anymore. You deleted me.

    SOS Coco

    Editor’s Comment
    Here you go! I will make you editor but what will i do with it. Did you visit agent Daba, his site is cool bceause of some stuff like contact us and few pinkmiafias ads. But i feel thats useless(you need to have info not fancy stuff). I saw that your site is always up to date with info. I made you contributor but then i thought that your and my topic is different. So just keep waddling!….


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