Dragon Ball Z: Budokai







New Title Screens

To get new title screens finish these parts of the game:

Unlockable How to Unlock Cell Title Screen Complete the Namek saga. Freiza Title Screen Complete the Sayian saga.



Unlock Fighters

Unlockable How to Unlock #16 Defeat #16 in Android Saga. #18 Defeat #18 in Android Saga. Captain Ginyu Defeat Ginyu in Story Mode after he takes over Goku’s body. Dodoria Defeat Freiza with Vegeta in Story Mode. Great Saiyaman Defeat the World Tournament in Advanced Mode. Napp Defeat Nappa in Story Mode.
Recoome Defeat Recoome the first time as Vegeta in Story Mode.
Trunks Clear Perfect Cell Complete.
Yamcha Defeat Yamcha as Cell in Story Mode.



Unlock Modes

Unlockable How to Unlock Adept and Advanced World Tournaments Beat the Novice World Tournament. You can then buy this mode from Mr. Popo’s shop.



Unlock Side-Quests

Unlockable How to Unlock Cell Side-Quest Clear the Android Saga Vegeta Side-Quest Beat Story Mode



Easter Eggs




Control Dragon Radar at loading screen

During the loading screen, move the left analog stick left and right to move the radar’s screen light back and forth.



A Spare Place In The Capsule Tray

This glitch only works with one of the characters who can use the Senzu Bean, Saiyan Heritage combo. (Goku, Kid and Teen Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, Raditz, Nappa, and Cell)
Select one of the characters above and make sure that they have an empty capsule tray. Then, put down at most three capsules. Then, put down 1/3 Senzu Bean and then Saiyan Heritage. Then, put down a capsule that will take up the second to last capsule slot. Finally, replace the 1/3 Senzu Bean with a full one So you will have more place for capsules! Click here for the walkthrough if you need to know more.

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