Dragon Ball GT Saiyan Transformation

SSJ 4:

This form can only be seen in Dragon Ball GT series. This form is a mix
between Oozaru and human, in this form, warriors keep their regular hair color, grow red fur across some of their body (except SSJ4 Gogeta, who has brown fur and red hair). Some believe this is the true form of a Super Saiyan, because the Golden Oozaro can be reached from this form. Also, a Golden Oozaro is shown in the background when Vegeta explains the Super Saiyan story. This is said to be the legendary form. It was achieved first by Goku . He achieved this form through sorrow; which appears to be why people achieve this level. Vegeta achieved it through a brute ray gun Bulma invented. And their eyes become light brown and their muscles are a lot bigger.

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