Easy way to level up pokemon.


Hello guys!

I’m gonna tell you one of the best ways to level up!

Simple go to the island closet to hell.

You will encounter many battles in seconds. So be prepared.

This is my way of doing it;

Squall: Use pain to attack
Rinoa: Use Death to attack
Zell: Use sleep to attack

Make sure you have the the command/ability (initiative) for;

Zell’s Sleep attack

Squall’s Pain attack (Blind, Bio, Silence) Makes them miss you

Rinoa’s Death attack

^^(all in this order)

I have auto haste on rinoa (so deaths are so much easier to make and fights are a lot quicker)

You can ofcourse use anyone you’d like.

That order has given all my people 100 lvl ups in a short time, So if you’re far in the game with the ragnorak, Make sure you level your Characters.

Also on the island, Use move-find and enc none. There are MANY draw point’s with great magics, Such as: (Holy, Ultima, Triple, Flare, Meteor)

Doing this doesnt only give you great level ups, It also gives you a lot of AP! (Cactor island is the best for ap)

While on the island, Junction Blizzaga to the attack, strong against most of them monsters.

And there you have it! Now i am ready to move on to lunadic pandora to fight the evil ones! Try this out, You might enjoy it

Oh and by the way, If you havn’t reached the ragnorak yet, And you havn’t been to galbadia garden (the second time) Theres a room where an ice hockey rink is, Now thats another great place to level up and get AP, I spent quite a long time in there, Plus, They’re easy to kill. (junction Any fire types to attack ofc ) One GF (ifrit) can kill them easily. Beware, They have a couple of strong attacks!