Dragon Ball AF Episode List

Dragonball AF is not real, we all know that. There is not enough evidence to prove it. But the fans who made it up left this along!


Xicor Saga
1.Xicor’s Arrival.
2.Xicor’s Search for the Dragonballs Begins.
3.Xicor’s First Dragonball.
4.Piccolo’s Feelings.
5.Xicor Attacks!
6.The end of Tien and Yamcha.
7.Hitsorashi Shows his Power.
8.Gogeta! Dont give up!
9.Trunks, dont be a fool!
10.Piccolo to the Rescue.
11.No Match for Motchani.
12.Gogeta Beats up Hisorashi!
13.Gogeta vs. Motchani.
14.Motchani Defeted.
15.Five Days Free.
16.The Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
17.Gogeta and Gohan Training for the Battle with Xicor.
18.Gotenks’ and Piccolo’s Turn.
19.Bulma’s Discovering a New Thing.
20.Vegeta Jr. and Goku Jr. Training in the Time Chamber.
21.Pans turn.
22.The battle begins!
23.Xicor the Invinceble
24.The Worriors vs. Xicor, Xicor Wins with Ease!
25.Gohans Super Powers.
26.Gohans End.
27.Gogeta’s Revenge!
28.Xicor vs Gogeta.
29.Xicor Defeted!
30.Return the Dragonballs
31.Goten, Go Study!
32.Earth is Back to Normal.

Super Goku Saga

33.The wish for Gohan.
34.Gohan returns on earth.
35.Chi-Chis crazy!
36.Trunks’ training with pan.
37.A new enemy!
38.Karoenisch is looking for the Dragonballs!
39.Karoenisch finds the worriors!
40.Karoenisch vs. the worriors.
41.Vegeta’s new attack.
42.Gotenk’s full powers!
43.Goku’s anger transformation!
44.Goku Super Saiyan vs. Karoenisch!
45.Karoenisch defeted, but Goku goes on!
46.The Super Powers of Gogeta Super Saiyan 5.
47.Karoenisch at his maximum power!
48.Gogeta Jr. attacking Karoenisch.
49.Gogeta and Gogeta Jr. are the strongest team in the universe!
50.Karoenisch finally defeted.
51.Back to the normal life.
52.Piccolo starts training again.
53.Videl visiting Mr. Satan.
54.Goten’s new job!
55.A new life!

Final Battle Saga:.
56.Gotenks and Vegetto.
57.The training of Piccolo
58.A new worriors.
59.Who is this guy?
60.Gogeta vs the Evil Okster.
61.Gogeta’s loaded!
62.Okster is the strongest.
63.Gogeta fails!
64.Goku and Vegeta’s,the ultimite duo!
65.Vegeta’s transformation.
66.Goku’s knock out!
67.The new power of Gogeta Super Saiyan 5!
68.Okster, dont run!
69.Gogeta wins!
70.The Super Saiyan 5 Story.
71.Bulma’s report.
72.Popo’s birthday!
73.Goku’s story.

Great Saiyan Saga:
74.The Evil Guys Arive!
75.Piccolo Gone Mad.
76.Goku Finds New Creatures.
77.Gouyky and Nomanisch!
78.Vegeta to the Recue.
79.Gogeta vs. Gouyky and Nomanisch.
80.Fusion of a Fusion?
81.Nomaykygosch the New Fusion.
82.Gogeta’s Powers Awaking.
83.Nomaykygosch Defeted.
84.A Call of Dende.
85.Piccolo’s Story.
86.The Z Worriors Together Again.
87.Nn to Planet Namek!
88.Training in the Space Ship.
89.Welcome on Planet Namek.
90.Dende’s a Worrior.
91.Dende shows Piccolo his Power.
92.Dende’s Wish!
93.The Worriors are Ready.
94.The Wish.
95.Cell has Returned!
96.trunks supersaiyan 4 agains cell!
97.cell defeted!
98.team,split up.
99.okster has returnd!
100.okster is the ruler again!
101.gogeta’s newest power.
102.okster defeted.
104.an other supersaiyan 4!
105.gogeta junior is down!
106.gotenks fails.
108.gogeta vs the double duo!
109.kooler and brolly defeted.
110.the evil garlic junior!
111.trunks and goten’s power.
112.garlic junior defeted!
113.nappa, a supersaiyan?
114.dende neads help!
115.gohan kill nappa!
116.an old enemy.
117.vegeta vs vegeta?
118.vegeta defeted.
119.an old brother.
120.raditz a supersaiyan 3!
121.pan is a girl, but not weak!
122.raditz defeted.
123.the return of kidbuu!
124.goku, whats wrong?
125.kidbuu defeted.
126.goku, what are you doing?
127.evil goku.
128.stop goku!
129.gohan and vegeta vs evil goku!
130.goku’s back to normal!
131.a new transformation!
132.back to planet earth.
133.Life is Back to Normal, Start training!

Mystic Dragonball Saga
134.Pans Boyfriend!
135.An Evil Guy.
136.Whats Wrong with Gogeta?
137.Gogeta is Evil!
138.Evil Gogeta.
139.The Mystic Dragonball.
140.Z Worriors are Ready to Fight!
141.Goku,Vegeta, we Need You!
142.Whats This,a Super Saiyan 6?
143.Gohan’s Mystic Powers Wont Work!
144.Gogeta Jr. Loading Up!
145.Gogeta Jr. is a Super Saiyan 5!
146.Evil Gogeta vs. Gogeta Jr.
147.Gotenks Discovers the Weakness!
148.Where are you Goku and Vegeta!
149.Piccolo’s new Power!
150.Goku and Vegeta’s Arrival!
151.Evil Gogeta is Escaping.
152.The Search for Evil Gogeta.
153.No sign of Evil Gogeta.
154.The Mystic Dragonball is found!
155.Whats this!?
156.The power of a supersaiyan 7!
157.Evil Gogeta vs. Gogeta!
158.Evil Gogeta is to Strong.
159.Gogeta Knows the Weakness!
160.Evil Gogeta is Weak.
161.Give up Evil Gogeta!
162.Evil Gogeta Defeted.
163.Back to Roshi’s Place.
164.Roshi’s Fainted.
165.The New Form, Super Saiyan 7.
166.Bulma’s Explosion of Anger!

Ultimite Saga
167.Collect The Dragonballs!
168.The Wish
169.Where are we?
170.A Smart World
171.The Perfect Beings
172.A Time Machine?
172.Who is Potoschy?
173.Let Go!
174.A Trip in 5 Minites!
175.The Other Side of the Galaxy
176.People can Read Minds!
177.The Guards of Potoschy
178.There Just to Smart!
179.Vegeta and Goku Show There Powers
180.Potoschy is a Bad Guy!
181.The Battle vs. Potoschy!
182.Potoschy is no Match
183.Potoschy Gives Pp
184.Search for the Dragonballs
185.No Sign of the Dragonballs
186.The Hope is Lost
187.A Dragonball?
188.Its the Dragonballs!
189.The Wish to Return!
190.The Old World Returns
191.Vegeta’s End
192.Vegeta Jr. is the Vegeta Now!
193.Good Bye Guys, See You!