Dragon Ball AF Manga: Chapter 1

Here are a few pages from the Chapter 1 of the DBAF manga! You will have to click to get a better view.


5.jpg 7.jpg8.jpg



This could only be possible with the help of Anon and Tom. Thank you

PS: You are allowed to post comments here! 😀



  1. do you have the whole series published yet. if yes please tell me how to get it

  2. Dude it’s just simple you get the series easily from narutofan.com with a few trix

  3. its str8 i dont y it shouldnt be on t.v.

  4. this is good stuff can’t someone like make an anime that knows this kind of stuff then post it on youtube

  5. actually you know what im going to kake a slide show of this and post on youtube

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