Fusion Types

All the styles in which fusion is done is mentioned here.

Fusion Dance:


As the name suggests, this type of fusion has to be done through a dance performed by two fighters in order to fuse. The fighters(as shown in the image) have to move their hands up in the air and turn it towards their partner and connect their index fingers. Once this dance is performed the warriors fuse to become one entity. If any error occurred during the dance the result could be a defective fusion. This type fusion lasts for 30 minutes. The first two warriors who were fused through this technique were Goku and Vegeta(the product Gogeta) followed by Trunks and Goten(the product Gotenks). The warriors must be of equal strength to perform this fusion. Otherwise the mightier warrior can reduce his/her power level to fuse.

Potara Earring Fusion:


This is the best fusion technique in the whole Dragonball series. The warriors who have to fuse will wear a Potara earring on one of their ears(each warrior will put the earring on the opposite ear of the other warrior’s ear). The warriors are then pulled towards each other and the fuse. The result is fused warrior which is many times more powerful than warriors fused with the Fusion Dance technique. The bad part is that once fused the warriors can’t become their own selves again. This technique is preferred by the Kaioushins and was first used by Kibito and Supreme Kai accidently and get fused forever. But when Goku and Vegeta, in order to defeat Super Buu fuse to become Vegito, somehow the fusion is broken(probably because of Vegeta’s anger).