Dragon Ball GT: Introduction

With the summer of 1995 came the end of one of the greatest anime’s ever, Dragonball Z. Many people didn’t want it to end though, especially the companies. Dragonball had been such a great merchandise hit, marketing things such as clocks, posters, and even eyedrops (quite an interesting commercial for the eyedrops). So with pressure from companies and agencies a new program was made to fill Dragonball Z’ place, Dragonball GT. This time though Toriyama was only an artistic consultant and had no direct control over the series. Also, for the first time DB the tv series was not accompanied by a manga.

So on Februrary 7, 1996 Dragonball GT began. What did people think of it? To be honest most people did not like it. You may wonder why. The main reason was because they had fallen in love with the fighting style anime in DBZ, but when DBGT was created, the first eps were full of comedy with fighting as only the second aspect of the show. So that is how it was, most people did not like the show. Around the Spring of 1996 Akira Toriyama in an interview joked about bringing back DBZ if DBGT didn’t do as well as it was supossed to. A group of people though, who hated the currect show, took seriously and were extremely happy that DBGT may be ending soon. Of course the truth was found out and DBGT went on. What would happen to DBGT? Well, finally the show began to go back to being a fighting anime and this began to get epople a little more interested into the show. The effort though was to little to late. The show was originally going to end around April 1997, but DB Final Bout by Sony Playstation had not come out, yet. So the producers were forced to extend the show a little bit longer, but they day finally came. On November 19, 1997 DBGT aired its last episode. The last episode of DBGT amazingly though is considered to be the best epsidode they have ever seen by a lot of people. Dragonball GT was the shortest of the three series, spanning only 64 epsisodes and 1 tv special. So how could a show with the success of DB all of a sudden fail in DBGT. There are many reason’s. It is almost like american DB. A lot of people are used to the origianl japanese Dragonball, but now that they watch the dubs they do not like them at all. In short People do not like change. Well, with DBGT came change. First off all, DBGT was changed from a fighting anime into a comedy relief anime and only changed its direction after there fan base had already turned away. The absence of Akira Toriyama did not help much either. After Toriyama left, Toei took over the hiring of artists and many people did not like the new character designs. So, probably the main reason that DBGT failed was because it was to different, the people had grown used to one thing and then all of a sudden things were changed, as if they wouldn’t notice.

It is my job though in the following pages to try and tell you all I know of DBGT, A series that I enjoyed and hopfully you will to. In these pages you will find episode summaries, images, DBGT perfect file guides, and everything else I think you should know about DBGT. There is only one way I can finish off this introduction though and here it is. Before you go and watch DBGT I am going to give you this advice. Do not listen to everyone who says that DBGT stinks. Go into it with an open mind and know it will be different, if you go into it thinking that it will be a direct continuation of DBZ then you will be disappointed. Oh yeah, and by the way, enjoy!