Super Saiyan 6

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Supersaiyan 6 is actually, not real .Well it is on a fan-made Dragonball series , Coming after Dragonball GT named,”Dragonball AF”. Well it is pretty famous it manga’s or comics have also released you can check it in this site also.In the category Dragonball AF comics.We were discussing about supersaiyan 6 .Supersaiyan 5 and 6 are the beautiful imagination by the fans of Dragonball, here is a pic-

As on this Goku or Kakarott is looking evil.And yes that is the truth well actually what happened is, according to fans Goku couldn’t control the power of Supersaiyajin 5 so thats why ,instead of he controlling ss5 ,ss5 controls Goku. Now, What will other’s do??I have the answer . We have a new hero, Vegeta ! who controls the powers of both SSj 5 and 6!!

But unfortunately Akira Toriyama the Father of DB . will not publish it!! -( sad .But We HAVE THE COMICS , WHICH ARE Available here