Saiyan Armor

Hello friends! I have often noticed that people don’t pay any attention to what the warriors are wearing as they are engrossed in the fighting! Well this is for those who really pay attention to everything happening.

Royal Saiyan Armor:
We see this outfit only worn by King Vegeta and his son Prince Vegeta because they are royal Saiyans. However, Vegeta only wears this when he is a child. It is traditional Saiyan armor but the royal emblem (located on the chest) and red cape added.


Saiyan Armor Colored:
We see Vegeta wear this when he is traveling to Earth in the Saiyan Saga. When he actually arrives on Earth the armor is much more like the armor Nappa is wearing in the next image. The only thing that sets it apart from regular Saiyan armor is it’s coloring.

Saiyan Armor Model 1:
This is the typical Saiyan armor, which most Saiyans wore. It’s only later in the series that new variations and improved models are created. Which by this point most of the Saiyans has been killed.
Saiyan Armor v2:
On Namek Krillin receives armor similar to Nappa’s. Unlike Krillin’s, Nappa’s armor has a crotch guard in the front along with more detail around the chest. Krillin also has a slightly larger jumpsuit underneath and his gloves/boots are just plain white.
Saiyan Armor v3:
On Namek Gohan receives this Saiyan armor from Vegeta, he wears a jumpsuit under that covers him from the neck down. This version of the armor has completely lost the crotch guards, and much detail. This model was also worn by Vegeta for his early time on Namek.
Saiyan Armor m2:
We see Vegeta in is this older style Saiyan armor that he took from Frieza’s ship, during Goku’s recovery. It is the same as his previous outfit, except this time there are no shoulder guards, and the jumpsuit is now navy blue.
Saiyan Armor Model 3: Bulma’s Model:
This is a variation on the above armor that Bulma makes for Goku, Gohan, Vegeta and Future Trunks. They all wear a blue jumpsuit under the armor that covers the whole back from the neck down. The armor is again white with a yellow section, but only covers the chest. The shoulder guards are now nothing but two little straps made of the same yellow material. White gloves and yellow tipped boots are also worn with the outfit. We mostly see this armor worn in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and considering the time this outfit was worn and how much training was done in them they held up well. When Vegeta wears the armor he decides to keep his blue jumpsuit, white gloves, and boots but uses the chest piece.