Dragonball AF:Manga Chapter 5


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By dragonballattack.com or gogetsupokemon.wordpress.com

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  1. where are the other ones?>! Cause ive heard of episodes being made! But also i heard there were a lot more chapters than this.

  2. bro i hate the person who made up AF coz thers no point man but i wish they make a new seriers where goku returns really strong and docter mew makes a clone of goku and calls it evil goku that will be cool coz the clone will be stronger

  3. YES I WITH YOU ON THE GOKU BEING CLONE BUT I WANT GOTEN TRUNKS TBE KIDS a 2 time and i want gohan to 11 a 2 time but for good and i wood like to see clones of gohan goten trunks goenks that wood be good figth and broly go ssj4 get beat bu not die and then hes goku and then have ssj5 6 and 7 and lto goten and trunks go ssj 2 3 and 4 but for th but there uff sayains so they stay as kids weing go ssj4 and i want go going ssj3 and 4 but he say 11 we going 4 and i want galir jr and salt to come back

  4. vew lança o dragonball af que dia que semana que mes que ano?
    responda aew morals

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