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Dragon Ball NR


“What? Another Dragon Ball fan manga? After DBAF?” These were my words when my friend Sogetsu called me up early in the morning. If you got news like this you will also be surprised. So yes, another Dragon Ball rumor has spread that there is going to be a new series called Dragon Ball NR. After Dragon Ball AF(another fake) the crazy fans have decided to have some more fun. So this Dragon Ball NR, said to be consisting of about 85 episodes is basically claimed to be designed by Brandon Olson and a group of fans. What they claim to the official Dragon Ball NR website is here

Dragon Ball Z: Non Anime Movie

I decided to follow up a bit more regarding the rumored live action Dragon Ball /Z movie. One persistent rumor has been that “George Lucas’ CGI company ILM has signed a contract to do the special effects.”

Today I called Ellen Pasternack , Public Relations for ILM. I asked her if the rumor was true; if ILM was brought on board to provide the special effects for the Dragon Ball /Z live action movie. Ms. Pasternack’s reply was that it had been mentioned, but ILM never officially signed off on anything and it never came to be. She also commented that, as far as she knows, the film is not being made.

So there you have it, folks. Another death nail in the DBZ live action movie coffin. That isn’t to say that the film will never be made. There are other major studios besides FOX and other effects houses aside from ILM. Who knows … maybe Wetta will snag this property to go along with the Evangelion live action movie. Only time will tell.

Edit: I just want to clarify that a.) FUNimation Productions has absolutely nothing to do with the concept/licensing for a Dragon Ball /Z live action movie. They hold the license for the anime/games/merchandise only, and b.) this website is NOT an official FUNimation website. It is just a promotional website for Kyle Hebert and goes beyond his association with FUNimation. I hope that clears some things up.


I literally JUST got off the phone with FOX Studios in Los Angeles , CA . I asked outright about the upcoming live action Dragon Ball /Z movie.

This is exactly what I was told by my contact:

“The Dragon Ball Z movie? We don’t have that. I ‘ve got a lot of calls about that so I called around [the studio]. We won’t be making that [movie].”

So there you have it, folks. That is the OFFICIAL story from FOX. I know some of you may be disappointed, but I also think it’s a blessing.

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Possibly “Dragonball Z”, but FOX is leaning toward “Dragonball Z: Unlimited, or “Dragonball Z: Fight for Mankind”.

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The Cast:

Vegeta: Ray Park (Toad, Darth Maul)

Bulma: Jessica Alba ( P.U.N.K.S, Idle Hands, Dark Angel)

Raditz: Jason Bateman (Teen Wolf Two, Necessary Roughness, The Sweetest Thing)

Nappa: Bill Goldberg (Universal Soldier: The Return, WWE Wrestling)

Tien: Orlando Bloom ( Black Hawk Down, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean )

Krillin: Verne Troyer (Mini Me: Austin Powers 2 & 3)

Chi-Chi: Eliza Dushku (True Calling)

Piccolo: Sam Wheeler (Picture may not be of Sam Wheeler)

Piccolo: Chirstopher Judge (Stargate)

Goku: Jackie Chan (I hope not) and Chris Judge (Different than Chirtopher Judge?) have been rumored to be Goku. However, as far as I know there isn’t anyone to play Goku at this time. Hugh Jackman WAS going to play Goku but was fired due to him delaying the release time of the movie. The picture of Jackie Chan SSJ I made to give us all an idea of what he would look like in the movie.

Puar, Oolong, and King Kai will be CGI. The voice actors from the show will do the voices for these characters on the movie. They will have small parts.

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Roland Emmerich ( Independence Day, The Patriot, Universal Soldier, Startgate, The Day after Tomorrow, & Godzilla)

Script Writer:
Tedi Sarafian (who wrote the script for Tank Girl and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines)
DBZ creator Akira Toriyama was hired as the films consultant but wanted too much control over it so FOX made him sign a new contract which basically gave him the boot.

Release Date:

The Movie was set to come out in the summer of 2004. But apparently, due to Hugh Jackman, it won’t come out atleast 2005. Roland Emmerich fired Hugh for this.

FOX is shooting for a PG-13 rating and a running time of somewhere between 3 to 4 hours. They are hoping for the DBZ movie saga to be 4 episodes long (4 movies). They will most likely be The Saiyan Saga, The Frieza Saga, The Android Cell Saga, and the Majin Buu Saga.

George Lucas’ CGI Company ILM has signed a contract to do the special effects so expect some kick ass action scenes and imagery.

Sets are currently being built at the FOX Studios in Sydney, Australia.

The hair will be very unique. It will be relatively normal but still have “bounce”.

Frieza will be mentioned but he will not make an appearance.

Goku’s uniform will be blue and not orange.

Bulma will have blue hair (Don’t they mean green?)


This Movie will take place around the Saiyan Saga.

The movie starts off on the Saiyan’s home planet. Bardock sends his son out into space along with several other Saiyan babies in their separate pods, all heading towards a different planet. Shortly after being launched they are all blasted into dust and only Goku’s (or Kakorot’s) pod escapes and soon after crashes on Earth. He lands near a Buddhist Temple where he is raised to be a kindhearted boy by all of the monks. Years pass and the monks are unable to find an outlet for Goku’s inhuman strength so they send him off to train with and old martial arts master, Master Roshi. There he meets Krillan and they become good friends. Roshi teaches them to use energy as a weapon (energy blasts) and all seems well until one night when Goku sees the full moon and transforms into a giant monkey, or Oozaru. Goku goes about his rampage until Krillan blasts his tail off and he returns to normal.

During that same time another alien ship crashes on Earth. This time it’s Piccolo and he’s carrying the Dragonballs with him. Now at this point Piccolo is one bad mofo and his only desire is to conquer Earth. By doing so he hunts down the strongest fighters on the planet and kills them, but little does he know the two strongest fighters are kids. Piccolo causes a good bit of damage that attracts the media and once Goku and Krillin get wind of it they head off to face him against Master Rosh’s wishes. A huge battle takes place between the three fighters and at the end Krillan jumps in front of a blast to save Goku’s life and dies. Goku freaks out; his tail grows back, transforms into the Oozaru again, and nearly kills Piccolo. But Piccolo finds out his tail is his weakness and he cuts it off, returning Goku back to normal. Goku is out cold and it looks like Piccolo will take the win. But Roshi shows up and stops Piccolo from killing Goku. Roshi is ready to hand Piccolo’s ass to him but he lets him go in exchange for knowledge of the Dragonballs. Once Goku awakes Master Roshi explains to him what happened and he decides to find all the Dragonballs to wish Krillan back to life.

Unfortunately Master Roshi lives like a hermit and has very little money and resources to do such a thing. It would end right there but luckily Roshi is friends with billionaire scientist and owner of Capsule Corp., Dr. Brief. Brief decides to finance their adventure and soon enough they, along with the daughter of Dr. Brief, Bulma, are on their way across the world to find the Dragonballs. They are all eventually found and the eternal dragon Shenlong is summoned to grant their wish. Krillan is revived.

10 years pass and Goku is now married to Chichi and has a 7 year old son, Gohan. Goku and Krillan have signed up to compete in The World Martial Arts Tournament. Once they arrive at the tournament they see that Bulma has signed up too. As the tournament begins and progresses the only fighters left in the final rounds are Goku, Krillan, Bulma, Yamcha, Tien, and a mystery fighter. As the final rounds are about to begin five pods crash into the stadium. In them are Raditz and four other Saiyans. Raditz tells his brother of his past and what he is. A huge brawl between the tournament fighters and the Saiyans begin. All of the Saiyans are killed in the fight except for Raditz who snatches Gohan and flies off with him. Goku and the mystery fighter chase him down into a barren desert land. The mystery fighter reveals himself to be Piccolo. A battle between the three insures until Piccolo finishes off Raditz but not without killing Goku in the process. As Goku lay on the ground dying Piccolo promises him that he will find the Dragonballs and wish him back so they can have their rematch. Raditz transmits this to Freiza’s mother ship and tells Piccolo that his team mates are coming and will destroy Earth. Piccolo is major pissed off and blows Raditz away (cool). Once the rest of the gang discovers what happened, Krillan, Yamcha, and Tien begin their training with Master Roshi and another martial arts master, Mr. Popo. (Don’t ask me how they came up with that one.) And Goku trains with Kai (aka: King Kai) in the afterlife. Meanwhile Piccolo takes Gohan with him in order to train him. He believes that Gohan could be the strongest one of them all.

Back at the mother ship Vegeta and Nappa are ordered to go to Earth and retrieve Kakorot and the Dragonballs. It takes two years for them to reach Earth and during that time everything pretty much happens the same way it did on the show. Everyone has grown much stronger, especially Gohan. The Dragonballs are gathered and used to bring Goku back to life. However it was too late because the Saiyans have already reached Earth and Goku must run through Snake Way before he can join his friends. The big battle starts and Yamcha, Tien, and Piccolo are all killed by Nappa. Goku finally arrives and quickly disposes of Nappa. Before he goes one on one with Vegeta he tells Gohan and Krillan to leave. They do as he says and the classic battle begins. Goku vs. Vegeta. Once Vegeta finds that Goku is too much for him to handle he transforms into an Oozaru and nearly kills him. But Krillan and Gohan are back at ground zero and once Gohan transforms as well it’s an all out giant monkey brawl between Gohan and Vegeta (cool again). Vegeta rips off Gohan’s tail and Krillan blasts off Vegeta’s tail. They both return to normal and Krillan gives Goku the Sensu Beans. Goku is now back to his full strength but Gohan is badly injured. Vegeta tricks Goku into thinking he killed his son. Goku goes mad with rage and shows hints of something much greater than an Oozaru. And then it might have something like to be continued or something like that. You will just have to wait and see.