Battle between Fan Members

Hi all,

looks like fan club has got a battle between them!!!

On one side is Vegeta(Harish) and Trunks(me) and on the other side is Goku(Priyanshu) and Gohan(gogetsurahul). Vote Team Vegeta(me and harish) then type “vote team vegeta” and if u wanna vote Team goku(Priyanshu and gogetsurahul) then type “vote team goku” in the comments box. Or vote at the forums poll! Click here to visit forum



PS: you need to be registered to vote at the forums page


The Dragon Ball Fan Club is created for all those fans who love The Dragon Ball series.

The club already has a lot of members.

Here are their names. They each get their own characters. If u join u can also be one of them and enjoy urselves!



2. Harish- Vegeta




4.Pratish-Cell(level 3)


5. Josh-Trunks


To become a member(for free) register at the forums page( Click here to become a member. Or sumbit your application here in the box below in this format.

1. You fill out our name

2. Email address( we will keep it private)

3. Comments and the character you want to be(in the body of the form)