DBGT Games

As far as I know, there is only one DBGT GBZ game: Dragonball GT Transformation. But its sequel is about to come out I think(DBGT Transformation 2). Click here for the walkthrough for Transformation 1.

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Health and Energy codes

Enter these codes at anytime during gameplay.

Code Effect Down, Up, Right. Right, Right, Left, Right, Left. B Refill Energy



Unlockble Characters

You can unlock characters by pressing some buttons!!:P

Note: Press it on the main menu
(when you press the code for the character the character you press before that will gone)

Code Effect Super Saiyan 4 Goku Left, Right, Left Right, Down, Down, Down, B Super Saiyan Vegeta Left, Right, Left Right, Up, Down, Down, B
Super Saiyan Kid Goku Left, Right, Left Right, Up, Up, Up, B








Perform the task in order to unlock the thing specified after it.

Unlockable How to Unlock Boss Endurance Mode Buy for 4000 zenie on the store Endurance Mode Buy for 2000 zenie on the store
Hard Difficulty Mode Buy for 1000 zenie on the store
Multiplayer Endurance Mode Buy for 2000 zenie on the store
Music Test Mode Buy for 2000 zenie on the store
Portrait Gallery Mode Buy for 2000 zenie on the store
Sayan Difficulty Mode Buy for 8000 zenie on the store
Sound Effect Test Mode Buy for 1000 zenie on the store
SS Goku Character Buy for 2000 zenie on the store
SS4 Goku Character Buy for 4000 zenie on the store

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Easy Zenie

Play through Rudeeze until you reach the boss. After you destroy his stinger, he will be unable to attack you from a distance. At this point, simply charge your ki meter and fire a special attack at him. It won’t cause any damage, but you should get about 30,000 points or so for doing this. Continue doing so and you should quickly gain a large amount of points, and in turn, get zenie.

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DBZ Games

To dowload free GameBoy Emulator click here

Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku.

One of the worst Dragon Ball Z games played.

Anyway check out. Click here for walkthrough



Release Data

Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku Atari 05/14/02 US



Project Lead/Producer Dana Dominiak
Programmer Pascal Pochol
Legal and Admin Debra Osborn
Artwork Andrew Myers
Artwork Robert Dominiak
Artwork Murray Kraft
Technical Design Jeffery Lim
Technical Design Pascal Pochol
Level Design Ariel Gross
Level Design Gerry Swanson
Level Design Israel Smith
Director of Production Peter Armstrong
Producer Michael Gjere
Associate Producer Amy Harbin
Voice of Frieza Linda Young








During the intro movie, press the following buttons. If done right, a sound effect will confirm your entry. Start a new game or continue a saved game, and when an enemy attacks, you will not receive any damage.

Code Effect Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A Invincibility







Easy Boss Killing Secret

Fly away from the boss until he’s about 1.5 – 2 screens away from Goku. You can keep shooting the boss with Ki Blasts from there and the boss won’t move. You can find a place to shoot by firing Ki Blasts in the boss’s direction and moving side to side until it makes the sound that it makes when you hit an enemy with a ki blast. Once you find the place where you hit the boss, stay there and keep firing Ki Blasts. It works because bosses don’t move when you are a certain distance away from them. For some bosses, after you fire ki blasts for a long time, you might need to go up to the boss and punch him/her because there are some bosses where you need to be on the same screen as the boss.



Infinite Health

When an enemy attacks you with an energy attack just hit the R button to fly, when you get hit by the blast Goku will land but your flight meter will still show. This allows you to have Infinite Health. You can deactivate the glitch by pressing the R button again to fly and hit it again to land. Though you can not see it your Ki will go down when you shoot it.



Cheap Recovery Trick

If you are wandering around in an area and are low on health, you can try this (not-so-secret) trick to recover quickly. Save your game, then shut off the game and turn it back on again. When you appear back where you left off, you’ll be back at full health/Ki without even using items!

Dragon Ball Z:Legacy of Goku 2

This time its a good one. Walkthrough link here



Release Data

Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II Atari 06/17/03 US
Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II (International) Atari 07/23/04 JP




Project Lead / Design / Art Murray Kraft
Design Art / Dialog Gerry Swanson
Art- Additional Design Jim Grant
Music / Sound Effects Yannis Brown
Additional Tools Programming Adam Leggett
Producer Dana Dominiak
Senior Producer Michael Cucchiarella
Associate Producer Amy Jordan
Original Author Akira Toriyama












Fight Cooler (Extra Boss)

After you find all 7 Nameks take them home and Cooler will be waiting to fight you. The dialogue before the battle will be different if you use Trunks or Goku.



Unlock Mr. Satan (Hercule)

Unlockable How to Unlock Unlock Mr. Satan (Hercule) To unlock Mr. Satan, simple get everyone but Goku to Level 50 and then go through each character’s Level 50 Area and collect their Character Trophies. Then, simply beat the game and you’ll get Goku’s Trophy, with a message of Mr. Satan now being playable.



Unlockable Trophies and Character

Heres how you get the five trophies and the extra character.

Unlockable How to Unlock Gohan Get him to level 50 Hercule Get all five trophies Trunks Get him to level 50







Auto charge

While playing as Vegeta charge up the big bang attack as soon as you start charging pause the game and Let go of the charge button then unpause the game and it will charge automatically





Alternative Ending

To see the other ”special” ending to the game, unlock Mr. Satan and get him to Level 50. Then, go to West City and break down the Level 50 door to ZZTV and you’ll see a different ending to the game.



Free Healing Items

In the Capsule Corparation, go to Level 2. There, talk to Mrs. Briefs. She will give you a cookie. Continue talking to her, and she will never stop giving you cookies. These restore a small amount of HP every time you eat one.



Gohan’s Tropy

To get Gohan’s Trophy , simply get to Level 50 with Gohan then go to the ”50” gate outside Gingertown to collect the trophy.



Goku’s Tropy

To get Goku’s Trophy , simply finish the game.



Piccolo’s Tropy

To get Piccolo’s Trophy , simply get to Level 50 with Piccolo then go to the ”50” gate at Namek planet to collect the trophy.



Play as Hercule

To play as Hercule , simply collect all 5 trophies.



Trunks’ Tropy

To get Trunks’ Trophy , simply get to Level 50 with Trunks then go to the ”50” gate at West City to collect the trophy.



Vegeta’s Tropy

To get Vegeta’s Trophy , simply get to Level 50 with Vegeta then go to the ”50” gate at Northern Mountains to collect the trophy.

Wierd way to level up

When you can get to the part where the old man steals the key from the mayor, you have to chase him back to his house. When you go inside his house you’ll see a blue punching bag. If you continuously hit it you will slowly gain experience.

DOJO : Added this for the people who get stuck here

The Dojo is a place where you can duel and gain experience.

The battle list is as followed

1. Yamcha

2. Krillin

3. Tien

All of them fight in the same way and if you go away from them while fighting, they will send out power shots.Here is a video of the last dojo duel with Tien.Bad fight 😦 I know and the quality

Check out this video. This is the last battle of the game. It can help u win. 🙂

Walkthrough here

This is the 1st part of the last battle(i had problem uploading this vidoe in youtube for it was too big but later i did itby splitting it)

Dragon Ball Z: Buu’s Fury

This one’s the best(coz its easy!)





Hercule Museum Exhibits

When these exhibits are found, take them to the Hercule Cafe in Hercule City to view them.

Unlockable How to Unlock Air Hercule Shoes Run the Orange Star High School track 3 times around in under 16 seconds. Boxing Gloves Found behind a tree with blue fruit in East District 439. Championship Belt Same as Weight Set Diploma Give a Dino Tail to the man in the lighthouse in Thieves’ Den. Hercule Cereal Available as an Item in the Gifts shop on Papaya Island (25000 Zenny) Hercule Comic Book Issue #1 Go to West citys Z-Mart once you’ve destroyed Kid Buu, and buy it for 30000 Zenie. Hit Pop Single Give Turkey to the man in the lighthouse in Thieves’ Den. Moustache Wax Same as Weight Set Pirozhki Action Figure Found in a chest behind Totenhotep’s chamber. Sandwich Same as Weight Set Weight Set After Chapter 9, return to the Fukurou Forest and open the character gate. Go north and give a bandana to the Ninja.



Unlock Gogeta

Unlockable How to Unlock Gogeta Collect all Z Exhibits and all Hercule Exhibits.


Gogeta using Dragon Fist!



Z Fighters Exhibit List

Everytime you get one of those, they are unlocked for the capsule corp museum, letting you see a specific item from the DBZ series.

Unlockable How to Unlock Android #20’s Hat After killing Kid Buu, return to the train. On the place where people usually were, you will find 2 enemies. Defeat them for this box. Broly’s Crown Defeat Broly at the volcano. Gohan’s training sword On Goku’s house, go to the toybox and search it for this item. Grand Kai’s Boombox Speak to Grand Kai on Grand Kai’s planet after you defeat Kid Buu King Yemma’s Mug After beating Chapter 11, open the level 145 door with Goten in Pilaf’s Castle, proceed to where the Dragon Ball was found, and beat the enemies. Mr. Popo’s Turban There is an invisible chest in front of four trees on Kami’s Lookout. Check between the middle two The Bansho Fan Break the level 140 barrier with Gohan in the East District 439 area and proceed to the end of the area to find the chest. Yamcha’s Bat In Diablo Desert, destroy the boulder one area directly south of the Save Circle







255 Senzu Beans

During the World Tournament Saga, when Gohan asks Goku to get a Senzu Bean, fly to Korin’s Tower and get a bean from Yajirobe. Instead of giving it to Gohan, eat it. When you return, Goku will still give a Senzu bean to Gohan even though he does not have any. When you look in your invintory, you will see that you have 255 senzu beans.



Duplicate Equipment

first, Equip Goku/Goten or Vegeta/Trunks (remove all unneeded equips before) and do the Fusion Dance. As Gogeta/Gotenks, remove the equipment from the equipped character. The Fusion will keep the equips but you’ll be able to re-use the equips on another character. This will keep working untill you run out of Fusion time



Train Weak Characters

Lure an enemy onto a Save Point with a strong character. Punch the enemy and kill it. Before you earn any experience from the downed enemy, the “Switch Character” menu will come up. Switch to a weak character. The character you switched to will gain the experience.







Kai Store

To access a store containing some of the best items in the game, visit the Kai’s planet once you beat Buu and work your way to the right-most map and break through the crack in the wall. In here you’ll find great items for levelling up, such as the Kiloton Gloves/Boots, and great armor with super high endurance.



Move Talking Screen

While a conversasion press the L or R button and the talking screen will go up and down.

The 2nd part of the Buu’s Fury last battle is here!

Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors

Walthrough here



Release Data

Dragon Ball Z: Bukuu Tougeki Bandai 03/26/04 JP
Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors Atari 08/27/04 EU



Director of Product Development Peter Armstrong
Associate Producers Steve Charbonneau
Associate Producers Chris Lundeen
Art Director Kristine Meier
Documentation Specialist Kurt Carlson
Voice of Krillin Don (Sonny) Strait
Voice of Super Buu Justin Cook
Voice of Android 18 Meredith McCoy
Voice of Gohan Kyle Hebert
Voice of Frieza Linda Young
Voice of Trunks Eric Vale
Voice of Ginyu Brice Armstrong
Voice of Gotenks Kara Edwards
Voice of Majin Buu and Kid Buu Josh Martin







Challenge Mode Unlockables

Unlockable How to Unlock Andriod team Beat Frieza team Goku team Beat Vegeta team Saiyan team Beat Villain team Villain team Beat Majin team



Secret Final Battles

Unlockable How to Unlock Secret Final Battles Complete story mode without losing once, then wait until after the credits. Note: Not all characters have a final battle.




Fast Win

If you’re fighting Freeza with 2 levels in story mode, beat him in less than 14 seconds and he won’t turn to the 2nd level.

My fight with Buu!

Here’s a pic of me battling with buu

A video of 3 vegeta 3rd levels vs 3 goku 3rd levels. Nice match

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Download Dragonball Z The Super Sonic Warriors

click here to download winrar{strictly recommended}

Download WinRar 3.70 beta 8, and Install it in your computer

Click here to download the emulator {strictly recommended}

Here comes the tricky part.When downloaded completely double click on the downloaded file.select the file and double click on it , A popup window will appear, click on desktop and click ok.

Click here to download the game DBZ:supersonic warriors

This is almost the same as the 2nd one.Open it extract the file on the desktop.But no need to double-clik on it.NOW open the emulator , Click on FILE , click on OPEN.Then go to desktop and click on the game file and then click on open.You game has started!!

Everything told is to be strictly followed