Gogeta -the warrior formed by the fusion of Goku  and Vegeta using the fusion dance technique- is by far my favourite fighter in the DBU. This form was first used against Janemba in the Buu saga and later on as a Super Saiyan 4 in Dragon Ball GT against Omega Shenron. Gogeta becomes the most powerful being in the DBU when he is Super Saiyan 4  against Omega Shenron(thats why i like him).


Dragon Ball Z: Non Anime Movie

I decided to follow up a bit more regarding the rumored live action Dragon Ball /Z movie. One persistent rumor has been that “George Lucas’ CGI company ILM has signed a contract to do the special effects.”

Today I called Ellen Pasternack , Public Relations for ILM. I asked her if the rumor was true; if ILM was brought on board to provide the special effects for the Dragon Ball /Z live action movie. Ms. Pasternack’s reply was that it had been mentioned, but ILM never officially signed off on anything and it never came to be. She also commented that, as far as she knows, the film is not being made.

So there you have it, folks. Another death nail in the DBZ live action movie coffin. That isn’t to say that the film will never be made. There are other major studios besides FOX and other effects houses aside from ILM. Who knows … maybe Wetta will snag this property to go along with the Evangelion live action movie. Only time will tell.

Edit: I just want to clarify that a.) FUNimation Productions has absolutely nothing to do with the concept/licensing for a Dragon Ball /Z live action movie. They hold the license for the anime/games/merchandise only, and b.) this website is NOT an official FUNimation website. It is just a promotional website for Kyle Hebert and goes beyond his association with FUNimation. I hope that clears some things up.


I literally JUST got off the phone with FOX Studios in Los Angeles , CA . I asked outright about the upcoming live action Dragon Ball /Z movie.

This is exactly what I was told by my contact:

“The Dragon Ball Z movie? We don’t have that. I ‘ve got a lot of calls about that so I called around [the studio]. We won’t be making that [movie].”

So there you have it, folks. That is the OFFICIAL story from FOX. I know some of you may be disappointed, but I also think it’s a blessing.

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Possibly “Dragonball Z”, but FOX is leaning toward “Dragonball Z: Unlimited, or “Dragonball Z: Fight for Mankind”.

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The Cast:

Vegeta: Ray Park (Toad, Darth Maul)

Bulma: Jessica Alba ( P.U.N.K.S, Idle Hands, Dark Angel)

Raditz: Jason Bateman (Teen Wolf Two, Necessary Roughness, The Sweetest Thing)

Nappa: Bill Goldberg (Universal Soldier: The Return, WWE Wrestling)

Tien: Orlando Bloom ( Black Hawk Down, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean )

Krillin: Verne Troyer (Mini Me: Austin Powers 2 & 3)

Chi-Chi: Eliza Dushku (True Calling)

Piccolo: Sam Wheeler (Picture may not be of Sam Wheeler)

Piccolo: Chirstopher Judge (Stargate)

Goku: Jackie Chan (I hope not) and Chris Judge (Different than Chirtopher Judge?) have been rumored to be Goku. However, as far as I know there isn’t anyone to play Goku at this time. Hugh Jackman WAS going to play Goku but was fired due to him delaying the release time of the movie. The picture of Jackie Chan SSJ I made to give us all an idea of what he would look like in the movie.

Puar, Oolong, and King Kai will be CGI. The voice actors from the show will do the voices for these characters on the movie. They will have small parts.

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Roland Emmerich ( Independence Day, The Patriot, Universal Soldier, Startgate, The Day after Tomorrow, & Godzilla)

Script Writer:
Tedi Sarafian (who wrote the script for Tank Girl and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines)
DBZ creator Akira Toriyama was hired as the films consultant but wanted too much control over it so FOX made him sign a new contract which basically gave him the boot.

Release Date:

The Movie was set to come out in the summer of 2004. But apparently, due to Hugh Jackman, it won’t come out atleast 2005. Roland Emmerich fired Hugh for this.

FOX is shooting for a PG-13 rating and a running time of somewhere between 3 to 4 hours. They are hoping for the DBZ movie saga to be 4 episodes long (4 movies). They will most likely be The Saiyan Saga, The Frieza Saga, The Android Cell Saga, and the Majin Buu Saga.

George Lucas’ CGI Company ILM has signed a contract to do the special effects so expect some kick ass action scenes and imagery.

Sets are currently being built at the FOX Studios in Sydney, Australia.

The hair will be very unique. It will be relatively normal but still have “bounce”.

Frieza will be mentioned but he will not make an appearance.

Goku’s uniform will be blue and not orange.

Bulma will have blue hair (Don’t they mean green?)


This Movie will take place around the Saiyan Saga.

The movie starts off on the Saiyan’s home planet. Bardock sends his son out into space along with several other Saiyan babies in their separate pods, all heading towards a different planet. Shortly after being launched they are all blasted into dust and only Goku’s (or Kakorot’s) pod escapes and soon after crashes on Earth. He lands near a Buddhist Temple where he is raised to be a kindhearted boy by all of the monks. Years pass and the monks are unable to find an outlet for Goku’s inhuman strength so they send him off to train with and old martial arts master, Master Roshi. There he meets Krillan and they become good friends. Roshi teaches them to use energy as a weapon (energy blasts) and all seems well until one night when Goku sees the full moon and transforms into a giant monkey, or Oozaru. Goku goes about his rampage until Krillan blasts his tail off and he returns to normal.

During that same time another alien ship crashes on Earth. This time it’s Piccolo and he’s carrying the Dragonballs with him. Now at this point Piccolo is one bad mofo and his only desire is to conquer Earth. By doing so he hunts down the strongest fighters on the planet and kills them, but little does he know the two strongest fighters are kids. Piccolo causes a good bit of damage that attracts the media and once Goku and Krillin get wind of it they head off to face him against Master Rosh’s wishes. A huge battle takes place between the three fighters and at the end Krillan jumps in front of a blast to save Goku’s life and dies. Goku freaks out; his tail grows back, transforms into the Oozaru again, and nearly kills Piccolo. But Piccolo finds out his tail is his weakness and he cuts it off, returning Goku back to normal. Goku is out cold and it looks like Piccolo will take the win. But Roshi shows up and stops Piccolo from killing Goku. Roshi is ready to hand Piccolo’s ass to him but he lets him go in exchange for knowledge of the Dragonballs. Once Goku awakes Master Roshi explains to him what happened and he decides to find all the Dragonballs to wish Krillan back to life.

Unfortunately Master Roshi lives like a hermit and has very little money and resources to do such a thing. It would end right there but luckily Roshi is friends with billionaire scientist and owner of Capsule Corp., Dr. Brief. Brief decides to finance their adventure and soon enough they, along with the daughter of Dr. Brief, Bulma, are on their way across the world to find the Dragonballs. They are all eventually found and the eternal dragon Shenlong is summoned to grant their wish. Krillan is revived.

10 years pass and Goku is now married to Chichi and has a 7 year old son, Gohan. Goku and Krillan have signed up to compete in The World Martial Arts Tournament. Once they arrive at the tournament they see that Bulma has signed up too. As the tournament begins and progresses the only fighters left in the final rounds are Goku, Krillan, Bulma, Yamcha, Tien, and a mystery fighter. As the final rounds are about to begin five pods crash into the stadium. In them are Raditz and four other Saiyans. Raditz tells his brother of his past and what he is. A huge brawl between the tournament fighters and the Saiyans begin. All of the Saiyans are killed in the fight except for Raditz who snatches Gohan and flies off with him. Goku and the mystery fighter chase him down into a barren desert land. The mystery fighter reveals himself to be Piccolo. A battle between the three insures until Piccolo finishes off Raditz but not without killing Goku in the process. As Goku lay on the ground dying Piccolo promises him that he will find the Dragonballs and wish him back so they can have their rematch. Raditz transmits this to Freiza’s mother ship and tells Piccolo that his team mates are coming and will destroy Earth. Piccolo is major pissed off and blows Raditz away (cool). Once the rest of the gang discovers what happened, Krillan, Yamcha, and Tien begin their training with Master Roshi and another martial arts master, Mr. Popo. (Don’t ask me how they came up with that one.) And Goku trains with Kai (aka: King Kai) in the afterlife. Meanwhile Piccolo takes Gohan with him in order to train him. He believes that Gohan could be the strongest one of them all.

Back at the mother ship Vegeta and Nappa are ordered to go to Earth and retrieve Kakorot and the Dragonballs. It takes two years for them to reach Earth and during that time everything pretty much happens the same way it did on the show. Everyone has grown much stronger, especially Gohan. The Dragonballs are gathered and used to bring Goku back to life. However it was too late because the Saiyans have already reached Earth and Goku must run through Snake Way before he can join his friends. The big battle starts and Yamcha, Tien, and Piccolo are all killed by Nappa. Goku finally arrives and quickly disposes of Nappa. Before he goes one on one with Vegeta he tells Gohan and Krillan to leave. They do as he says and the classic battle begins. Goku vs. Vegeta. Once Vegeta finds that Goku is too much for him to handle he transforms into an Oozaru and nearly kills him. But Krillan and Gohan are back at ground zero and once Gohan transforms as well it’s an all out giant monkey brawl between Gohan and Vegeta (cool again). Vegeta rips off Gohan’s tail and Krillan blasts off Vegeta’s tail. They both return to normal and Krillan gives Goku the Sensu Beans. Goku is now back to his full strength but Gohan is badly injured. Vegeta tricks Goku into thinking he killed his son. Goku goes mad with rage and shows hints of something much greater than an Oozaru. And then it might have something like to be continued or something like that. You will just have to wait and see.

Dragon Ball Z: Symbol Guide

This symbol translated mean Chao which means Dim-sum. It’s worn only by Chiaotzu and why he decided to wear it I don’t know.
This is the symbol of the Grand Kai which translates to Dai. It means Grand as he is the Grand Kai. He wears this symbol on his hat and wears the traditional Kai symbol on his chest. This is probably used to show people that he is superior over the other Kais.
This is the symbol that we see Goku wear during his time on Namek. He receives this uniform from King Kai after his training with him. The symbol translates to the word Go which means you understand / enlightenment / discern.
This is the symbol worn by Ox-King which of course means Ox or Cow. The symbol actually means Ox-Demon-King. Gyu (Ox), Ma (Demon), Oh/Ou (King).
This is the symbol we see worn by Gohan in the future timeline on the back of his gi. It translates to Han which means Meal, Boiled Rice. His name is Gohan so you can see where this idea came from.
This symbol is worn by Master Shen and all his students. It translates out to the word Hok which means Crane. Master Shen is also known as the Crane Hermit like Roshi is to the Turtle Hermit. Although Shen has more students that we don’t know about we only see it worn by Tien, Chiaotzu, and Shen himself.
This is the symbol that we see King Kai wear. At first we only see North Kai wearing it but all the King Kai’s wear it as well. It means World-King. It’s actually two symbols on top of each other. The top is Kai (World) and underneath is Oh (King).
This is one of the most common symbols in Dragonball. This is Master Roshi’s symbol and is worn by the people he trains. It means Turtle or Kame. Roshi is also known as the Turtle Hermit and “Kamehameha” means Turtle Destruction Wave. So this symbol stands for Kame or Turtle. We see it worn by Goku, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, and of course Roshi himself.
We see this symbol worn only Yamcha and only up until he starts training under Master Roshi. It translates to the word Lok which means Happiness.
This is the symbol worn by King Piccolo, Piccolo, and Gohan. It translates out to the word Ma which means Evil and Demonic. King Piccolo is often referred to as Piccolo Daimaou because it basically means King and the word is put at the end instead. Dai (Grand)-Ma (Evil)-Ou-(King)
This symbol we see only worn by Emperor Pilaf. I’m not sure exactly what it translates to, but im assuming it’s something like Pilav which means Rich Dish.
This is worn only by Mercenary Tao the assassin. It translates to the word Saat which means Kill You. Considering he is an assassin this works perfectly. He also has the words Kill You in English on the back of his clothes.
This symbol stands for Shin which basically means God or Guardian of the Earth. We see it worn by Kami until he fuses with Piccolo and also by Goku after he finishes his training with Kami.
This is the symbol that Gohan wears when he was little. It stands for “Son” which basically means offspring. It’s also Goku’s and Gohan’s family name.
This is the symbol worn by Boss Rabbit also known as Monster Carrot. This symbol translates to Toninjinka which means Carrot.

Other Symbols:

This is the symbol that is found on the clothing of all the Ginyu Force members and on their equipment such as their spacepods and is very similar to that worn by members of the Cooler Force

This is the symbol that the members of Cooler’s Group in Movie 5 wear on their battle jackets. I’m guessing that in Freeza’s army that all special forces wear thier own symbol, as Cooler’s group an the Ginyu Froce both have their own symbols.

This is the symbol of Garlic Jr. and is on the front of his shirt in both Movie 1 and the Garlic Jr. Saga. It shows a kind of tower or castle of sorts and could be be possible connection to Garlic Jr. and his father’s connection the throne of Kami

This is Babadi’s symbol. It stands for Majin. It appears on Babadi’s and Buu’s clothing, but when Babadi has possessed someone the symbol is branded on their forehead, or in Yakon’s care, their stomach

This is the symbol of the Red Ribbon Army. It appears on everything they own, clothing, weapons, machines and buildings. This symbol is not seen again after Son Goku destroys the entire army until DBZ. When the Androids appear, each one sporting this symbol

This is the symbol of the Capsule Corporation, which is owned by Bulma’s father, Dr. Briefs. This logo can be seen on many thing produced by the Capsule Corp., such as vehicles, houses, Future Trunks’ Jacket and of course the Hoi Poi Capsules.

Goku vs Superman


Goku battles Superman on a comic section of Wizard magazine


Goku battles Superman on a comic section of Wizard magazine

  • Goku is viewed by many fans and organizations as the Japanese equivalent of Superman, the world famous comic book superhero created by DC Comics. There are also many similarities between Goku and Superman. Both have similar origins (sent to another planet, home worlds destroyed, found by a nice elderly person who raised him as his own) and powers (super strength, super speed, flight, high-invulnerability) and both characters have died and been resurrected. In the 133rd edition (September 2002) of Wizard Magazine, a hypothetical Superman vs. Goku match up was published. Goku won the fight quite easily, needing to just tap into the first Super Saiyan level to defeat Superman. Isn’t it funny only SSJ1!

Power Scouters(by gogetsupokemon.wordpress.com)

» Scouters – were created by Frieza’s scientists. It was made to help determine how strong a person was. It’s worn around one eye and can detect power levels from miles away. It gives the power level in the form of a number, and so they compare the number to their own to see where they stand if they were to fight that person. Numbers will show up on the glass part around your eye so that they can read it easily while moving and navigating. It can also be used to hide or find people, just locate their power level and move away or towards it. Although sometimes since its only a machine, it’ll go haywire and start giving inaccurate readings or if the power level becomes too high, sometimes the scouter will blow up. The Scouter comes in a variety of colors: Green, Pink, Purple, and Blue. It identifies the model version, green is earliest, and blue is latest. Since the Z Fighters have the ability to change their power levels, they can manage to hide from the scouter by lowering their power levels, so that the scouter can’t pick them up. This is a major advantage when trying to escape or sneak around those who wear the scouter. The way that works is the individual suppresses his energy to the point that his body doesn’t fume out the frequency, rendering the scouter to read 0, or more depending on the characters skill at this camouflage. Later in the series people like Vegeta learn how to sense people’s power without using a scouter. This doesn’t give any kind of number but it still works. Around the late Frieza Saga the Scouters became useless when, a fighter’s strength began to be too strong to measure

Hyperbolic Time Chamber

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber – Also known as the Room of Spirit and Time, this room is located deep within Kami’s Lookout high above the Earth. When in this room time itself is multiplied by 360, and a year inside the chamber will be only a day outside the chamber. Inside the room is also a much denser weather system, and 10x the gravity of Earth. The room is first introduced in the King Piccolo Saga, when Goku is training under Kami. However, in the manga, this never occurs and the room is introduced much later during the preperation for the Cell Games. The purpose of this room is to allow a fighter a much longer time to train then they may have normally. However, you may only enter the room twice in your lifetime and never for for a period longer than 48 hours (2 years on the inside of the room). If these rules are broken the doors will lock and you will be stuck in the room for ever.

Below you can see who went into the room, how long they went into the room, how much stronger they became after going into the room, and so on…

Goku – To try to avoid confusion this one only occurs in the Anime and not in the manga. During the King Piccolo Saga when Training under Kami, Goku is sent into the room. He could only handle about five months (10 hours outside the room) in the room, because of the extreme heat to extreme cold. After leaving the room he had almost not increase in power, but was probably good experience.

Vegeta & Future Trunks – When training for the Androids (And Cell), the Hyperbolic Time Chamber is re-introduced. Vegeta & Trunks, are the first to enter (Excluding Goku many years before) and stay in for about 48 hours. Both fighters power increased enormously and learned to go that beyond a Super Saiyan; Ultra Super Saiyan. This brought their powers from barely being able to defeat Android #18, to easily being able to defeat Imperfect Cell.

Goku & Gohan – This took place when training for the Cell Games, Goku and Gohan stayed in the room for about 48 hours, and had an enormous benfit like Vegeta and Future Trunks. Gohan went from not being about to go Super Saiyan, to almost being able to hold Super Saiyan 2. Goku achieved, Super Saiyan 1st Grade, Super Saiyan 2nd Grade, and Super Saiyan Full Power. Gohan also achieved Super Saiyan Full Power, but didn’t master it aswell as Goku until after leaving the Time Chamber.

Piccolo – Also training for the Cell Games, Piccolo wanted to go in alone, as he felt it would benefit him the most without others in the way. When leaving the room, Goku comments on his enormous leap in power, when Vegeta says he’s still the weakling he always was. Piccolo ignores this comment from Vegeta, which shows Piccolo not only got stronger, but matured a great deal and was able to reduce he evil side much more.

Vegeta – Also training for the Cell Games, Vegeta this time goes in alone. Unlike his previous time, Vegeta have very little benefit when leaving the chamber. This is probably because he knew USSJ, and/or anything like it would prove useless against Cell and he had to figure away to surpass it. Not knowing if that was even possible is probably an explanation for this.

Future Trunks – Also training for the Cell Games, When Future Trunks goes he almost has the same results; virtually no power benefit.

Goten & Trunks – When Super Buu is finally created, he instantly notices the Z-Warriors power and flies over to it. Piccolo rushes Goten and Trunks into the Time Chamber so they can finish their training. When Buu arrives Piccolo tries to stall him but eventually has to take him to the room. Fortunelty, Piccolo knows the long rout, and leads Super Buu on couple hour tour around the lookout. Eventually Buu gets to impatient and Piccolo is forced to show him the Time Chamber.

During the time Goten and Trunks were able to master the Fusion Dance, about 15 attacks, Super Saiyan 1, 2, and 3, and make a plan to defeat Buu. Now here’s where things get tricky. Piccolo arrives at the chamber knowing Goten and Trunks were inside, opens the door and walks in with Buu. There are now 4 people in the Time Chamber, and according to Mr. Popo (Who knows more about Kami’s Lookout than anyone) this is not possible, thus a huge plot hole is born.

After entering Goten and Trunks try to make it look like they don’t stand a chance against Buu, but then pull a Super Saiyan 3 on him and win at the last second. Piccolo obviously doesn’t know this and thinking they’re idiots or just are to weak destroys the exit to the room, thus leaving them trapped in forever.

When Buu hears he will never be able to have anymore candy, he lets out such a loud scream, a whole is ripped through space and time letting him out. Now having Candy on his mind, he goes and turns most of the remaining Z-Fighters on the lookout into Chocolate. With Mr. Popo’s last action, he saves Dende (who is the current Kami/Guardian of Earth) and allows him to escape.

Now what happened to Gotenks and Piccolo? Well, after seeing how Super Buu was able to escape, they tried the same trick. After failing a couple of times, they were finally able to do it and get back to fighting Buu. After that he Time Chamber is never seen or used again.

Krillin – He went in the room? huh? Yep, he did, but VERY briefly. When Super Buu was just about to arrive at the Time Chamber, Krillin runs in and tells them to get ready. However, in the anime Piccolo just uses telempathy to let them know.


Pre-Dragon Ball

Over 100 million years B.C.
Earliest Kai is thought to exist.

About 75 Million years B.C.
The 15th generation Kaioshin, Elder Supreme Kai, is sealed in the Z Sword.

About 5 Million years B.C.
The evil magician Bibidi is successful in creating Majin Buu. Majin Buu destroys hundreds of planets in the following years. Four of the five Kaioshins are killed by Majin Buu. Dai Kaiou is absorbed by him, giving him a fat appearance. West Kaioshin manages to kill Bibidi and leaves Majin Buu’s sphere shell on Earth.

Tens of thousands of years B.C.
Annin begins her service of protecting the Furnace of Eight Divinations on the border between the real world and the “Other World”.

4237 B.C.
Garlic Junior’s ancestors migrate to the Earth from their home, Makyo-sei.

739 B.C.
Jadoushin(Princess Snake) becomes the Princess of Snake Way, and settles in her castle along-side of it.

Approximately 238 B.C.
The Legendary Super Saiyan appears and wreaks havoc across the Universe.

Approximately 250 A.D.
Uranai Baba begins her fortune telling business.

261 A.D.
King Yemma travels the Snake Way to get training from King Kai. Princess Snake meets him and falls in love. On Namek, violent storms ravage the planet and destroy many of the life giving Ajisa plants. Kattatsu (Piccolo’s father) sends his son away on a space ship to avoid death. But the storms stop and no one follows the child. The child faces problems and is forced to make a landing on the planet Earth. The young Namek’s name is… Piccolo.

430 A.D.
Master Roshi is born. Here comes trouble ladies.

431 A.D.
Piccolo becomes the apprentice of Kami.

448 A.D.
Master Roshi turns 18 and continues training under Mutaito. He falls in love with Fan-Fan.

459 A.D.
Tsurusennin’s brother, Tao Pai Pai, is born.

461 A.D.
Garlic assaults Kami for not choosing him as his successor. He is defeated and trapped by Kami. Piccolo is the chosen one and ascends to the throne of Kami. The evil in Kami’sheart leaves him and forms Piccolo Daimaou. Daimaou leads a reign of terror across the Earth, but is sealed in the Denshi Jar by Mutaito’s Mafuba technique. Mutaito dies as a result of performing the move.

474 A.D.
Dabura inspects the Earth.

Approximately 550 A.D.
The first Saiyan land on the planet Plant in a mysterious ship.

553 A.D.
Master Roshi starts his world famous collection of dirty magazines.

Approximately 650 A.D.
Master Roshi finds the 3-Star Dragon Ball washed up on his beach.

650 A.D. May 7th
The first World Tournament takes place.

658 A.D.
Gohan (Goku’s Adoptive Grandpa) is born.

662 A.D.
Kami tells Mr. Popo what he remembers about his childhood.

698 A.D.
Toninjinka is born.

715 A.D.
The great Emperor Pilaf is born.

720-730 A.D.
The Saiyan unite and begin a war against the Tsufuru-jin for control of the planet Plant. The Tsufuru scientist Dr. Raichi is killed. The Tsufuru-jin are completely destroyed by the Saiyan. The Saiyan take control of the planet and re-name it Vegeta. They adapt Tsufuru technology. The Saiyan begin space travel and meet aliens from other planets.

722 A.D.
General Blue from the Red Ribbon Army is born.

730 A.D.
Tao Pai Pai starts his career as an assassin.

731 A.D.
The Saiyan begin their partnership with Frieza and start conquering planets for sale. King Vegeta marries his queen.

732 A.D.
The birth of Prince Vegeta.

733 A.D.
Bulma, Yamcha, and Tien are born.

733 A.D.
May 8th Earth’s current king is sworn in.

Approximately 735 A.D.
Frieza starts to feel misgivings toward the Saiyan. It begins a period of controlled chaos.

736 A.D.
Krillin is born

737 A.D.
A Low Class Saiyan fighter is born to the Middle Class fighter Bardock. He is rejected by his father as a failure. In his first few days alive he’s sent to the planet Earth to destroy it when he grows older. His name is Kakkarotto. Planet Vegeta gains control of the planets Meat and Kanassa. King Vegeta’s revolt against Frieza ends in failure with his death.
Frieza demands the death of all Saiyan. Bardock dies trying to protect planet Vegeta and his future. Kakkarotto lands on Earth. Ox-King’s daughter Chi-chi is born. His wife dies shortly after the birth. Sometime in between June and August Gohan (Goku’s Adoptive Grandpa) finds a small baby in the woods. He names him Son Goku.

738 A.D.
Goku hits his head on a rock after falling down a cliff. He stops being a wreck less evil child and becomes a happy loving boy.

739 A.D.
Ox-King and his daughter at the foot of the mountain of which their castle is at top. A fire spirit is unleashed and sets Mount Ryokei a fire. Ox-King and his daughter are trapped at the bottom of the mountain. The mountain is renamed Mount Fryingpan.

740 A.D.
Oolong is born. Krillin begins his training at the Orinji Temple. Bebi creates Dr. Myuu for the purpose of gathering energy so he can be reborn. Dr. Myuu is programmed to make Rirudo and all of the other Machine Mutants.

747 A.D.
Yamcha meets Puar.

748 A.D.
The Pheonix Master Roshi was raising dies of food poisoning. Later, while gathering mushrooms, he discovers a baby sea turtle who got lost.

749 A.D.
First ten days of April Bulma enters Senior High School in the Western City.

Sometime in 749 A.D.
Bulma discovers the 2-Star Dragon Ball in her basement.

749 A.D. 22 August
Bulma discovers the 5-Star Dragon Ball in a cave to the north.

Dragon Ball

749 A.D. September 1st
Bulma is on her summer vacation searching for the Dragon Balls. Bulma meets Goku later that day. Bulma discovers that the sphere Goku owned, which he thought contained his grandfather’s soul, was actually the 4-Star Dragon Ball.

749 A.D. September 2nd
In the morning, Goku and Bulma meet Master Roshi and he gives them the 3-Star Dragon Ball, in exchange for… ahem… well, you know.

749 A.D. September 5th
Goku stops the reign of the “terrible” Oolong and an old woman gives him the 6-Star Dragon Ball.

749 A.D. September 6th
Goku meets Yamcha for the first time and fights quickly with him, only to have it end in a draw.

749 A.D. September 9th
Goku defeats Yamcha Master Roshi uses the Kamehameha to put out the flames on Fryingpan Mountain. Unfortunately the blast is too strong and destroys the mountain and the castle. Among the debris, the 7-Star Dragon Ball is found. At about noon, Goku sends Monster Carrot and his gang to the moon. Shuu and Mai steal all but one of the Dragon Ball’s from Goku and gang. Pilaf summons Shenron at night once the Dragon Ball’s are gathered. Later, Goku looks at the moon and turns Oozaru and destroys Pilaf’s castle.

749 A.D. September 10th
Goku and Krillin become Master Roshi’s students after finding a female… maid for the pervert. Later, Master Roshi moves his house to an island and Goku and Krillin prepare for their tough training with the martial arts master.

749 A.D. September 11th
Master Roshi, Krillin and Launch spend the day in bed due to eating poisonous puffer-fish the night before.

749 A.D. September 14th At 4:30 AM
Goku and Krillin begin their tough training under Master Roshi. They will spend the next 8 months training this way.

749 A.D. October 2nd
The second term of school begins at the Western City Senior High School.

750 A.D. April 6th
Goku and Krillin increase the weight of the shells on their backs to 40 kg. to increase the results of their training.

750 A.D. April 18th
Commander Silver of the Red Ribbon Army begins his search for the Dragon Balls

750 A.D. May 6th
Goku, Krillin and Master Roshi leave the Kame House to participate in the 21st World Tournament.

750 A.D. May 7th
The 21st World Tournament takes place. Jackie Chun wins. Goku takes second place.
Goku, The Red Ribbon Army, and Pilaf struggle for control of the Dragon Balls. The Red Ribbon Army get the 6-Star Dragon Ball from Pilaf’s base in the desert. They also get the 5-Star Dragon Ball. Goku and Chi-chi meet again in the Ox King’s village.

750 A.D. May 8th
In a single day, Goku destroys the Red Ribbon’s Muscle Tower in the north.

750 A.D. May 9th At 11:02 AM
Bulma finishes repairing Goku’s broken Dragon Radar. Goku and Blue Shogun fight in the sky above Penguin Village. Arale-chan beats Blue by herself. Tao Pai Pai kills Blue Shogun with only his tongue in a demonstration of his power. Goku is beaten almost to death by Tao Pai Pai at the base of Korin Tower. Goku begins climbing Karin Tower.

750 A.D. May 10th
Summer vacation begins for Penguin Village High School. Goku reaches the top of Korin Tower and begins his training which is to take the Super Holy Water from Korin.

750 A.D. May 12th
After 3 days of training, Goku finally gets the Super Holy Water. He’s surprised when he finds that it was only plain tap water. It was actually the fighting to get it that made him stronger. Goku kills Tao Pai Pai at the base of Korin Tower and SINGLE-HANDEDLY destroys the ENTIRE Red Ribbon Army. In Uranai Baba’s battle arena, Goku is reunited with his dead grandpa Gohan.

750 A.D. July
The raining season begins in Namu’s village on Namek.

Between 750 and 753 A.D.
Goku begins his training which is to run around the World. In Chao village he fights Kinkaku and Ginkaku. Goku meets Chintaiken and and fights Tenron in the Gozen-Jiai contest. Goku enters the Demon World and fights the lord of the Demon World, Shura. Goku saves Inoshikachou and meets Tien for the first time.

753 A.D. May 5th
Goku meets Konkichi. Goku swims to Papaya Island where the 22nd World Tournament will take place.

753 A.D. May 7th
The 22nd World Tournament takes place. Tien wins. Goku comes in a close second.
Krillin is killed and Piccolo Daimaou appears.

753 A.D. May 8th
Celebration of 20 years under the rulership of the King of the World.

753 A.D. May 9th
Goku kills Piccolo Daimaou. Piccolo AKA Ma Junior is born.
Goku reaches Kami’s Palace and trains there for the next three years with Mr. Popo and Kami.

756 A.D. May 7th
The 23rd World Tournament begins. Goku becomes engaged to Chi-chi after their fight in the tournament. Goku defeats “Ma Junior” and wins the World Tournament for the first time. Planning for Goku and Chi-chi’s wedding begins, but a mysterious fire erupts and traps Ox-Kings inside with Chi-chi’s wedding dress. Goku and Chi-chi must search for the Basho Sen to put out the magic flames.

756 A.D. May 8th
Chi-chi learns how to be a good bride from Grandma Hakkake. Goku uses the Basho Sen on the flames, but it doesn’t work. He finds the flames are a result of a leak in the Furnace of Eight Divinations on the other side of the World. Goku travels to Mount Gogyou, the home of the Furnace of Eight Divinations where he meets his dead grandpa again. He fixes the hole in the bottom of the furnace and the flames cease around Ox-King’s castle.

757 A.D. May
Gohan is born.

759-760 A.D.
Goku is interviewed by Shonen Jump.

760-770 A.D.
Dr. Myuu finds the alien Rirudo and turns him into Machine Mutant Shogun Rirudo. Rirudo uses his great powers to complete the construction of planet M2. The Machine Mutants begin gathering energy to be absorbed by Bebi.

761 A.D.
Goku, Piccolo, Krillin, and Gohan battle Garlic Junior and send him into his Dead Zone.

61 A.D. October 12th
Raditz arrives to retrieve his brother. Goku and Raditz are killed by Piccolo’s Beam Cannon. Vegeta and Nappa stop at a small planet named Arlia. After finding the planet in unsuitable condition for sale, they destroy the planet. After this, they go into a state of suspended animation in a cold sleep. They’re headed for the planet Earth. A period of several months Gohan begins his survival training. Gohan falls into ancient ruins and finds a robot. After a disaster, the robot is destroyed. Gohan becomes more mature. Yamcha is employed as a professional baseball player. Gohan becomes home sick and tries to escape from his training area and return home. After meeting Pigero and other orphans whose parents where killed in a tsunami, he regains his courage and returns to his training.

762 A.D. March
Krillin, Chiaotzu, Yamcha, Tien, and Yajirobe are training at Kami’s Palace.

762 A.D.
April 29th Goku arrives at King Kai’s planet.

762 A.D. May 9th
Goku finally catches Bubbles. His next training is to hit a cricket, Gregory, with an incredibly heavy hammer.

762 A.D. May 23rd
Goku bops Gregory on the head with the hammer.

762 A.D. May
Krillin, Tien, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha make a spiritual travel to the old planet Vegeta. They are all easily killed by two weak Saiyan. When they return to their bodies, they all decide to continue training hard.

762 A.D. November 2nd
Goku is ressurected after having completed his training under King Kai.

762 A.D. November 3rd
Vegeta and Nappa arrive on Earth. Gohan, Piccolo, Tien, Krillin, Chiaotzu, and Krillin face off against the Saiyan. Nappa, Yamcha, Piccolo, Tien, and Chiaotzu are all killed. The battle between Goku and Vegeta ends in a draw. A micro-sized robot made to look like an insect is deployed by Dr. Gero to collect blood samples from the strongest fighters for use in the construction of Cell.

762 A.D. November 4th
Goku, Krillin and Gohan are hospitalized in the East City Hospital.

762 A.D. November 7th
Krillin and Gohan leave the hospital.

762 A.D. November 9th
The reconstruction of Kami’s spaceship is completed.

762 A.D. November 14th
Bulma completes her lessons in the Namekian language. Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma leave for Namek.

762 A.D. November 21st
Vegeta lands on Frieza Planet #79.

762 A.D. December 13th
Vegeta’s injuries are completely healed. He leaves immediatley for planet Namek.

762 A.D. December 18th
Vegeta, Kiwi, Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan all land on Namek at about the same time. Goku leaves for Nameck. Dende takes Krillin to meet the Saichourou. Piccolo, Tien, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha arrive at King Kai’s planet and begin their training there. Goku’s spaceship gets trapped in the gravity of the star Alpha HZ. By using the Kamehameha he is able to escape a fiery demise.

762 A.D. December 19th
Zarbon takes Vegeta’s beaten body to Frieza’s ship to heal him.

762 A.D. December 20th
Vegeta fights Zarbon for the second time. He kills him. Krillin takes Gohan to meet the Saichourou. By Frieza’s order, The Giniyu Force’s mission to Yardrat is delayed. They leave for Namek.

762 A.D. December 23rd
Goku completes his training under 100g gravity.

762 A.D. December 24th
The Ginyu Force are destroyed. Piccolo is revived. Krillin is killed. Goku becomes the Legendary Super Saiyan and defeats Frieza. The planet Namek blows up.

763 A.D. May 3rd
Krillin and Yamcha are revived by the Namekian Dragon Balls.

763 A.D. September 9th
Tien and Chiaotzu are revived. The refugee Namekians are transported to New Namek by a wish to the Namekian Dragon Balls.

763 A.D. October
After 5,000 years the Makyo-sei approaches Earth and Garlic Jr. is freed from his Dead Zone. But he is again defeated by Gohan and trapped for good in the Dead Zone since the Makyo-sei is destroyed.

Exact Date Unknown
Cell arrives in Trunks’ Time Machine and goes underground to absorb nutrients. Frieza’s cyborg body is completed.

764 A.D.
Some time in August. Trunks arrives. He kills Cybord Frieza and King Kold. Goku returns to Earth.

Unknown Dates
Vegeta undergoes gravity training to become a Super Saiyan. A relationship slowly developes between Vegeta and Bulma. Goku and Piccolo attend driving school to get their driver’s licenses. Cooler arrives on Earth. He’s defeated by Super Saiyan Goku.

766 A.D.
Trunks is born.

767 A.D.
Goten is born.

767 A.D. May 7th
The 24th World Tournament takes place. Mr. Satan is the winner.

767 A.D. May 12th
All of the Androids appear. Cell shows up later that day. Piccolo and Kami fuse. Piccolo is temporarily the strongest character. Goku suffers from his viral heart disease. The Cell of the present is destroyed along with Dr. Gero’s underground lab by Krillin and Trunks.

767 A.D. May 15th
Goku’s heart disease is cured by the medicine Trunks brought from the future. Vegeta and Trunks enter the Room of Spirit and Time.

767 A.D. May 16th
Cell reaches his second stage. Cell reaches his perfect form. Goku and Gohan enter the Room of Spirit and Time.

767 A.D. May 17th
Cell announces the Cell Games to the entire World. Goku and Gohan exit the Room of Spirit and Time. Piccolo enters it.

767 A.D. May 18th
Piccolo exits the Room of Spirit and Time, Vegeta enters it again. Gohan enters Lime’s village and saves it from Barbon’s evil intentions.

767 A.D. May 19th
Goku and his family go for a picnic. At around noon, Cell single-handedly destroys the Royal Army. Dende becomes the new Kami. Vegeta exits the Room of Spirit and Time.
Trunks enters.

767 A.D. May 20th
Trunks exits the Room of Spirit and Time.

767 A.D. May 26th
At 12 noon the Cell Games begins. Goku dies a second time by sacraficing himself to save the Earth. Gohan completely destroys Cell.

767 A.D. May 27th
Goku’s funeral. Trunks returns to his time.

767 A.D. Between May and June
Goku visits Grand Kai’s planet and meets Grand Kai. Goku participates in the Afterlife Tournament which was planned in “honor” of North Kai’s death. Goku fights Pikkon. He finds him to be similar to Piccolo by his fighting and training style. Chibi Trunks takes his first steps. A documentary is broadcast on TV covering the events of the life of the World Champion Mr. Satan.

768 A.D.
Doll-taki is employed by Dr. Myuu. His task is to gather energy to awaken M2’s greatest Machine Mutant, Ruudo. Doll-taki does his job well and gets to work on gathering energy on planet Ruudo.

770 A.D.
Krillin and Android #18 get married.

771 A.D.
Marron is born.

773 A.D.
Supreme Kai and Kibito travel to Earth to search for the sphere in which Majin Buu is sealed.

774 A.D.
March 28th Gohan finishes the first grade level at Orange Star High School.

774 A.D. April 7th
There’s a sighting of the Golden Haired Warrior in Satan City. Gohan begins the second grade level at Orange Star High School. He meets Videl. Gohan meets Bulma at 3 PM.
She works on a transformation suit for him so he can disguise himself when fighting crime. She finishes at 5 PM. The Great Saiyaman appears for the first time!

774 A.D. April 8th
Videl discovers that Gohan is the Great Saiyaman.

774 A.D. April 9th
Gohan teaches Videl how to fly. South Kaioshin checks out Goku’s training.

774 A.D. April 10th
Vegeta finds out that Chibi Trunks is able to turn Super Saiyan.

774 A.D. April 20th
Videl masters the flying technique.

774 A.D. May 7th
The 25th World Tournament takes place. Goku returns to Earth for a single day to compete in the tournament. Majin Buu appears. Vegeta sacrafices his life trying to defeat him. Majin Buu kills Babidi. Due to turning Super Saiyan 3, Goku is forced to return to the after-life early. Gohan mistakenly frees Elder Supreme Kai from the Z Sword. Elder Supreme Kai begins the ceremony to upgrade Gohan’s power.

774 A.D. May 8th Piccolo, Gotenks, and Gohan are absorbed by Majin Buu.
Majin Buu kills almost every single person on Earth.
Elder Supreme Kai gives Goku his life allowing him to return to Earth.
Vegeta returns to Earth with the help of Uranai Baba.
Majin Buu destroys the Earth.
Porunga restores the Earth.
Vegeta’s life is restored when all of the good people who died are wished back to life.
Goku destroys Majin Buu with the Super Spirit Bomb.

774 A.D. September 7th Shenron erases everyone’s memories of Majin Buu.

778 A.D. May 7th The 26th World Tournament takes place.
Mr. Satan is the winner.
Majin Buu comes in second.

779 A.D.
Pan is born to Gohan and Videl.

780 A.D.
Bra is born to Vegeta and Bulma.

781 A.D. May 7th
The 27th World Tournament takes place. Mr.Satan wins. Buu comes in second place.

784 A.D. May 7th
The 28th World Tournament takes place. Goku leaves with Uubu to train him.

789 A.D.
Goku, Pan, and Trunks blast off into outer space to search for the Black Star Dragon Balls. After 9 months in outer space, Goku meets Bebi. Bebi is outnumbered so he escapes to Earth where he takes control of almost every person and becomes more powerful. Bebi uses the Black Star Dragon Balls to create Planet Tsufuru.
Goku reaches Super Saiyan 4. Goku and Bebi partake in a titanic battle which ends with the death of Bebi and the destruction of the Tsufuru race. The Black Star Dragon Ball’s crack and the Evil Dragons are released. The Evil Dragons are all defeated, Shenron returns to normal and grants one last wish as long as Goku goes with him. Shenron flies off with Goku. Goku stops top say good bye to all the Z-Warriors. The Dragon Balls are absorbed into Goku’s body, and Goku is not seen for around 100 years.

889 AD
Pan spots her Grandfather but is unable to catch up with him. The final episode of the Dragon Ball series ends with flash back to Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT’s most memorible moments.